Thursday, June 15, 2006

First, let us discuss my new bra. It really is cool. Sabrina raved and raved a couple months ago (maybe longer, I really don't remember) about a bra she bought at Victoria's Secret that was spendy but the best bra ever. I had that in the back of my mind as I wandered the mall.
Yesterday was my anniversary, and I spent the day (while Ethan was at work) doing a bit of shopping. I really only needed to pick up a piece of artwork I had framed for mom at JoAnns (whole other story....), but I went over to the mall looking for some fancy lingerie in anticipation of my anniversary evening, and my week of tropicalness in Cabo.

I bought a fancy schmancy black silky thing at JCPenney (I am cheap. Really cheap. I bought a thing with broken straps, because I knew I could fix it and make it look nice, and it was marked down in price drastically. Yes. Cheap. Whatever.....), then wandered over to Victoria's Secret and perused their selection of gaudy icky lingerie, with a couple nice things in between. Then I remembered Sabrina's bra. I looked at a likely suspect, and opend up the drawer containing my size, and found it to be completely empty. Not just a couple orange or ugly green ones, NONE at all. And I am a common size!! Apparantly, too common. Just then, a saleslady came up and asked if I was finding everything okay. I explained my predicament, and said my sister had told me of a spendy but wonderful bra I must buy from Victoria's Secret. She knew exactly what I was talking about.
I was whisked away to a dark little hallway with floor to ceiling drawers all labeled with strange markings of letters and numbers. She asked my bra size, then whipped out two flesh colored (MY flesh color, to be exact. Well, not EXACT, but close, anyway), and I tried them on. Heaven! Both were very nice, but I am not a demi girl (bra straps feel like they are always about to fall off my shoulders), so I went with the uplifting one. One seamless piece of material, no tags, no itchy parts, just pure foamy bliss with slightly scalloped edges.
I have had on all day today, and it feels so nice! I have never noticed a bra before unless it was itchy or scratchy or not comfortable. This one is just so silky and foamy and comfortable I just want to hug myself!

So. The bra.

Our third anniversary went well. Ethan worked until 4:30pm, then came home and we hung out a bit. I left him downstairs with some music, then went upstairs and surprised him with a fancy dinner of king crab legs (those things are enormous!!) with garlic butter and rice, all served on our fancy blue china with silver edges. I, of course, had chicken fingers (it was just thin slices of chicken breast seasoned up....I wanted it to cook fast, since the crab only needs a couple minutes to be all done). I bought the crab at Pike street, along with some enormous raspberries, which I served on the side with french vanilla whipped cream to dip them in. I also bought a pink/white/green bouquet of flowers, not sure what all kinds, but it was quite nice and I had it on the table too, with a single taper candle left over from our wedding. A bottle of wine the same as that we served at our wedding (and from 2003) was chilling in ice in my mixing bowl from my mixer (hey--it looks nice if you just cover it up a bit). And to top it off, we had a nice table runner that was actually a Sonics scarf we got as a free giveaway. A very nice dinner indeed. And all this stuff was hidden behind the counter, so Ethan was surprised when he came up to eat. He thought it was gonna be hamburger helper or something like that.
All in all, a good evening, although Ethan has sworn off wine. Lets just say his night ended earlier than he had anticipated.........

So.....we have made it a whoppping three years. We were talking and trying to remember where we were last year on our anniversary, and neither of us had any clue. I finally searched through my blog for last June and found that we were here in Seattle, and went to the Melting Pot for dinner, and off to Reno a couple days later for a mini-vacation.

We are off to Cabo San Lucas, actually closer to San Jose del Cabo, first thing tomorrow morning. Owing to the extensive telephone fees, I will not be able to call anyone on Fathers day, but I do want to wish Steve, Matt and Papa a happy Fathers day, so please pass that on if you happen to see Steve Matt or Papa. And to any other fathers who read this (are there any??), the same. Just because I happen to think it is a bunch of bunk and a Hallmark created holiday meant to squeeze money out of our wallets doesn't mean that everyone thinks that way......sorry....did I say that out loud??


Mama-Beans said...

Am wallowing in shame for having forgot your anniversary. SO SORRY!!

Glad it went well!

HAVE FUN IN MEXICO!! Drink a few for me!

Davinie said...

Have fun in Mexico! Don't forget my t-shirt! Enjoy your boobies while they are still perky! Tell Ethan to do the same!

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.