Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what have I been up to lately....

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Missoula to see our good friend Kim get her MBA from UM. It was a short but very fun trip. I am still coveting her sister Erica's house (where we had a 10+ hour BBQ event after the graduation). Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. She extensively remodeled and finished up the 1930's house and I am in love, love love with it. Makes my house seem so sad. We have a nice house, just no storage whatsoever. Anyone have storage ideas?? My teeny closet in the master bedroom seriously needs some help. I actually use the spare bedroom #1/cat hospital room closet for my clothes, since there isn't enough room in our teeny closet. We need a closet organizing system of some sort. I will look into that..

I have gotten official permission from Ethan to repaint the upstairs and stairway in our house.......white. I *do* get to choose the exact shade of white to use, which will be fun. We both agree that the paint is looking old and needs refreshing. I enjoy painting, so I will get to that one of these weekends. I lost my three day weekends with my job change, so it is harder to do things around the house than it used to be. I am utterly unmotivated in the evenings when I get home (around 5pm), since I head up to bed in the 8 o'clock hour. (I water the cats, putz around, then read before actually going to bed, if you were wondering)

Anyway. No excitement in my life right now, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A boring thing, but not a bad thing. Just boring. Like I said.

We are excited to have mom coming up in a few weekends to visit. Haven't seen her since she had her cochlear implant activated, so that should be cool. We may or may not go to the Folklife festival. Maybe just hang out around the house or go to Lincoln park or something.

Our grand plans for this upcoming weekend involve a Storm game on Friday (first of the season for us!), then the big decision--deciding between seeing The Avengers and Battleship. Ethan is uber excited about both, and I really like movie popcorn, so it is a win-win situation. (both movies look interesting to me. Not 'newfavoritemovieofalltime', but interesting).

So. My life, updated....

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Am I the only one who is totally fanatical about the Olympics?   And, by Olympics, I mean the 3 week international sporting event, not the mountain range to the West of Seattle. 

I love the Olympics.  I enjoy the winter Olympics, but it is just a placeholder for the real deal--the summer Olympics.  Back in my younger teenage years, I made plans with mom to go to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  Before I realized that it would be uber spendy.  And before I realized that I would get a better show at home.  We didn't go....but I watch every minute I can of the Olympics.  Ethan is already on notice that we will be clearing out the DVR in mid-July to make room for me to daily DVR every minute of coverage I can find, on every channel that is showing a sport I have heard of.  I love the Canadian coverage for not time-delaying everything, and for showing LOTS of athletes from multiple countries with inspiring stories, not just the NBC prime time showing of US athletes only.  I go on a media blackout at work--they are told daily NOT to discuss Olympics around me...and I am careful with my internet usage (no reading the paper, which about kills me since I NEVER miss reading a day of the newspaper--even while on vacation)

Anyway.  Love the Olympics.  Love all the stories about different athletes, love the idea of countries who do not get along politically having athletes form bonds together.  The Olympic spirit and all that.  Love, love love.