Monday, February 28, 2005

wedding layout

Honeymoon page

Raegan layout

Morgan layout page 1

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Friday, February 25, 2005

A little more progress

Sabrina, Alexsandra and I at the California Adventure Park (Disneyland)

beginning of my first attempt at digital scrapbooking


We had a good day yesterday. Ethan and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Actually, all over our part of West Seattle. Probably 2-3 miles altogether, or something like that. We used to do that in the summertime, but it was so warm yesterday, we headed out. I noticed that there were a lot fewer houses for sale than last year and the year before. Hopefully they will pick up again next year. There was one beautiful house for sale we saw, but it was on the hill overlooking the Puget sound and the Olympics, and the view was included in the price. $550K for that one, but it was big and nice. 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms, I think 2500 square feet, and huge picture windows looking over the water. Slightly out of our budget range.....
We got to write out our first mortgage check for the new 15 year mortgage. Ethan was really excited, but he let me write out the check. He wrote the one for the regular mortgage amount (what we are required to pay each month), and I wrote the one for the excess. Since we had last month off from mortgage payments, mine was for over $45oo. That will really help to get things down quickly. Ethan figures that this will be all paid off in 30 months, and start looking for another house in 24 months, but I think it will be a bit faster than that. Maybe 24 months to pay it off, and 20 months to start looking. Who am I kidding--we are looking NOW. Browsing and for likely houses. Still need to do some research on the schools involved (Ethan does not want our kids in Seattle public school district), keep an eye on busline proximity, neighborhood temperament, etc. Stuff we need to know. I have heard good things about schools on the East side, but we don't want to live there. Heard bad things about Kent/Federal Way, as far as mixed-race kids going there. It is important to me that my kid(s) be in a school that is very racially diverse and where diversity is celebrated (and not just in February. I have my own issues with Black History Month). So there. We will be quite prepared when the time comes around.
We have a Sonics game this evening, against Minnesota. Should be a good one. Danny Fortson is back, after his brief suspension and flying back East to be with his ill grandmother. We have definitely missed his presence, although Reggie Evans has been awesome.
I must remember to tape Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica tonight, since we will be at the game. I am going home after work at 330, so I will start it up then. Ethan is meeting with the Vegas 5, probably at McCoys firehouse, and I will meet up with them later, after they have had sufficient 'guy' time. I don't want to intrude on that. Ethan and I both have the day off tomorrow, and Sunday I am working 12 hours, and Felma at work is making chicken adobo for me in repayment of me giving her a pink breast cancer awareness bracelet. Her chicken adobo is awesome (filipino). She also has made and given me the recipe for Pancit, which is some different noodles with chicken and pork. Delicious. I should make it more often, but it is a bit of a pain to cook the chicken and chop it all up and do everything. Not really, I guess. I might make some Saturday and bring it in. Felma is always so proud when I bring in pancit or something she has given me the recipe for. My first few tries turned out quite well.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursday thoughts

So much excitement! After having our new bed set for a month, we finally got the king size mattress that fits in it. Jobie brought it up on Tuesday and helped us get it all together. He took the Queen size mattress to his new place (he is renting a room in Puyallup). We headed across the street to Marshalls to pick up some cheap but surprisingly soft sage green sheets for me, and over to Bed, Bath and Beyond for Jobie to get new sheets, pillows, comforter and a huge 3 inch thick goose down pillow top mattress thing. I called him yesterday, and he swears it was the best nights sleep he has ever had. Our night here sorta sucked. Not sure if it was the new mattress or just coincidence, but Ethan woke up around 3am and couldn't get back to sleep, and I woke up a couple times and ended up with REALLY sore hips in the morning. Last night sucked for me as well, and I will talk with Ethan later today to see how his night went. We know the goose down mattress is still on sale across the street, and we talked about getting one if we continue to have issues with this mattress. Okay, I am continuing to have issues!
I will get pictures of the complete bedroom all finished in the next day or so and put them up for all to see.
It was nice seeing Jobie. We got some teriyaki and watched part of a Sonics game after the shopping spree, and had a nice time. He has a good head on his shoulders and is making some good decisions in his life. I know he will be fine.
All I have been doing lately for fun is massive photoshop stuff. I haven't scrapbooked for awhile, but I am getting my creativity out in photoshop and learning lots of new tricks(which you can see in the pictures I put on here). I am having a lot of fun figuring out just what I can do with my pictures.

So, obviously, I am off to play a bit on photoshop.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Papa and Alexsandra, from a picture I took of a group shot

Monday, February 21, 2005


Ethan and I had a nice weekend. I worked 12 hours Saturday, which sucked and need not be mentioned more, then we both had yesterday off. We had another beautiful and unseasonably warm day here (forecasters say that we won't have any rain until sometime in March--here comes the nasty drought this summer, but it sure is nice now), so we decided to head down to the beach at Lincoln Park, which is close by. Some of you may remember that as the place where we had our little rehearsal dinner/snack. We both wore sweatshirts, but it was a bright sunny day and not much wind, so we weren't cold. Lots of people were out, some even with picnic baskets, and some kids with little remote controlled cars racing around.
We hatched up a new financial scheme which I won't go into detail on here about until I am sure it is legal/possible/not completely stupid. If it does work, we will get our condo paid off lickety split-maybe in 1 1/2 - 2 years, not 2-3 like we were thinking.

We have pretty much officially decided to sell the condo, rather than keep it and rent out. This way, we can get our $325K house, take the $140-150K from our condo and use it to get the mortgage way lower, lose the mortgage insurance, etc. We figure that our expenses won't even go up that much--we pay $225 a month in condo dues, which covers water, sewage, garbage, and cable TV. The actual amounts we would pay for those utilities are probably pretty similar, if not a bit lower, so the biggest new expense would be in a $150-200 increase in our actual mortgage, as well as increased electricity bills for a bigger dwelling. But, we have crappy baseboard heating now, and one of our requirements for a house is non-baseboard heating. Many places have gas heat around here, or at least forced air heating, which is still a step up. Should be okay. We are also going to dump the home phone, and just use our cell phones. That is pretty much what we do now anyway, but since we already have the home phone number, we will keep it until we move. We always have our phones with us (most of the time, anyway), and this may help cut down on the telemarketers.

So, excitement. We are thinking of emailing the Suze Orman show to ask our financial questions. Ethan loves Suze. I catch him watching her show a lot. I like a lot of her ideas, but disagree on the prenuptial agreements. To each their own. Our next financial change we are making is to increase the amount of money we put into retirement, since it comes out before taxes, and we have a whopping quadruple digit tax bill this year. I mean whopping. Not $1001, this is WHOPPING. To the point where we are going to buy some do-it-yourself tax software so I can redo the taxes (haven't filed yet), then go to H&R block and see if they can do better. If my numbers pretty much match theirs, I will just continue to do our taxes myself. It's just with this huge payment I have come up with so far, I feel like I MUST (I hope) be doing something wrong.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Raegan Skye (edited because I can)


I miss Jobie. We have a lot of things in common, but don't connect very often. I guess we are both busy with our lives, and we do live an hour apart, but I really want to make more of an effort to do things with him. I have often felt that in our family, Sabrina and Davinie are more alike, and Jobie and I are more alike. We are both taller, very into sports, etc.
Ethan is supposed to go to Vancouver with the Vegas 5 in early April, so Jobie is going to come with me to the Sonics/Blazers game on April 1. It should be fun. I went to my first NBA game with Jobie years ago. It was in 1995, and it was in Portland with the Blazers vs the Rockets. I was a big Olajuwon fan, and got the tickets as a Christmas present from Donna. Actually, now that I think of it, Linfield had an event where we got tickets to a Blazers game for like $10, and saw them play Detroit a month or so earlier than the game with Jobie. But those were pretty crappy seats.....
I think Jobie will like the Sonics game. We have pretty good seats--second level (small stadium), 4th row at the freethrow line. I have also told him he is required to come to a Storm game. We have awesome seats (5th row right off of courtside just below the freethrow line), and he was talking trash about women's basketball, so he must come and see how awesome it is. They play a very exciting game of basketball, anyone can appreciate it.

So, there...


I have decided NOT to mess up MY blog with stupid family issues that are not entertaining to write about.

Ethan worked late last night, until midnight, and I drove him to work early this morning. It is the end of his first week with out his boss there. He is doing great! Lots of compliments on his hard work, and some of the higher-ups seem to be noticing the good work he is doing. I am excited for him. And also, as soon as he joins the union (which is required within like 90 days or something like that), he gets another $1 raise. He is going to be making more than me any day now. But that is good. We have no competition. All the money goes the same place, anyway.
I am a little excited about getting our first new mortgage bill next month. We just refinanced to a 15 year, and are going to do our best to pay it off pronto. I think we have decided to sell this place and just get out. The condo association here is nuts, and we really don't want to have to deal with them forever. They just raised our condo dues AGAIN, and ANOTHER special assessment to pay for gutters. So stupid. Why do we have over $50k in reserves if not to use for things like the new roof we had a special assessment for and the gutters?? What is the point? And there are other things......the association president hired HIMSELF to be the groundskeeper, at a rate I think is a bit high for the work that is actually done. They hired a bunch of idiots to repaint the common areas, and it does not look good and cost us $8k to do!! Seriously, it could have been done for less than half that. THere are what-6 common areas?? Just stairways that are 3 floors high. Not really that much painting to do, but we spent a ton of money. And, they didn't paint everything. We had to be home or leave our doors unlocked so that they could be opened to be repainted. But they just painted them while shut, so there is 1/2 inch all around the door that is not painted and looks stupid. ANd they just painted around the numbers on the doors, rather than popping them off and painting behind them and reapplying the numbers. Pretty shoddy job. So, we want out. No more of this crap we cannot control. ANd, we hate our downstairs neighbors. But that is another story. We get along with everyone else. One woman in particular who parks across from us. She is always trying to give us fresh cucumbers and vegetables. Very sweet. And another woman in our section on the 3rd floor loves us because we came home one sweltering evening this summer and saw her sitting on the steps, trying to call a locksmith to unlock her door, since she had locked herself out. Ethan had her in there in like 15 seconds. Saved her at least $75 in a locksmith call. Anyway, there are some nice people here, but we want a house now.
What else.....oh--it is allstar weekend. The rookie-sophomore game is tonight, featuring Luke Ridnour on TNT at 6pm. Should be fun. Fun stuff is tomorrow starting at 5pm, which I will miss since I am working until 730pm, and then the big game on Sunday at 6pm, with Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen. Nice to have some Sonics represented there.

Okay, off to bigger and better things.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jobie (edited)

Jobie and his guitar (unedited)


What a beautiful day we had yesterday!! It was pretty cold in the morning, but such a vivid midnight blue that brightened and brightened and turned into a gorgeous late winter day. The temperature here has been so much above normal that it seems like spring is already here. People are having flowers bloom and everything. But yesterday was a return to cooler weather. Worth it, still, to see that vivid sky!

We had a wonderful Valentines day on Monday. Actually sort of celebrated it for the first time. We are not Hallmark people. But, it WAS our 20 month anniversary, so I guess we can use that excuse. Ethan gave me a rose and a very sweet card and some very tasteful and nice lingerie. I gave him a clean bedroom, dinner, a bed of rose petals (overrated. Had to remove those petals from various places for an hour!), a 52 weeks of romance kit and some lingerie (not for him to wear, although the clerk at Amour on the Boulevard really wanted me to get him a thong. She swore he would love it. Can you imagine!?! There is no way he would even CONSIDER even trying it on for a moment. I thought it was hilarious). I must say, Ethan has very nice taste as far as the lingerie goes. His was much nicer quality and in a nicer style than the one I picked out. Go, Ethan, go!!

Basically we hung out, watched a movie and listened to soft music and did a lot of talking. It was a really nice evening. And then back to the grind again....... Ethan's boss is gone for 2 weeks. A little more stressful since he is the only one there, but also much nicer since it is his strange boss who is not there. A very odd duck, that one. We have lunch together in the lockshop when his boss is gone. Not that I am not allowed to be there when his boss is, I just prefer not to, as does Ethan. So that is nice. People are being really appreciative of Ethan not blowing them off when they call for work to be done--he actually goes out and does it! Sounds less than amazing, but not everyone has the work ethic and drive that Ethan does. Especially not the aforementioned boss. Over an hour a day wasted on email, ebay and internet jokes?? Not so efficient. But, anyway......

Another Sonics game today. Our last one before the All Star break. We are playing Golden State, so it should be pretty easy, but we are not looking past anyone these days. The game starts at 6 instead of 7 since it is being aired on ESPN, so we will get done earlier. I like that. Ethan cleaned last night instead of today, because there wouldn't have been enough time to do it today. So nice to have it out of the way.

Lets plans for today are to either scrapbook another page ( I finally did one last night, after a few weeks absence. I really have to be in the right mood to want to scrapbook), or do some photo editing. I really enjoy that. It takes forever, but I am really starting to see some cool effects you can add, or adding things into a picture, etc. It is fun to be creative and see something that you have created that looks neat. Not everyone has that creativity in them. I am excited that I do.

Really looking forward to that scrapbooking convention in Portland next month. It should be a good time. We are going to each bring our own scrapbook stuff (Davinie, Sabrina and I) and all hang out in our suite sharing ideas and supplies in betweeen scrapbook convention activities. At the one here in Seattle(bellevue, actually) there was so much stuff to buy that I hadn't seen anywhere else, and at great prices. I got tons of paper for 10cents a sheet, even for vellum and fance 12x12 papers. Very cool. Well, I suppose I will post any pictures that I end up editing on here.......

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Working 8 hours today, and I am actually on an ortho floor, despite the fact that there are only 8 patients on the 6th floor (I am on the 5th floor ortho today). Good day so far, and I am off in another hour. I have a patient with body substance isolation precautions, which means that I have to put on booties, a hair cover, a mask with eye shield, a long plastic gown, and gloves to enter the room. Kind of a pain, but the patient is nice, so it is okay.
We are going to the Sonics game tonight at 5pm, so we are heading out from work. I brought my Ray Allen jersey here, and some jeans. I think we will stop at Michelangelos for a drink or two before the game. It is in the Seattle center, so no worries about driving afterwards. We are playing Dallas, which should be a great game. Another test for the surging Sonics.

Okay, I have been putting off my charting for long enough. I better go get it done, so I can leave on time. And one more trip into infection land to clear out the numbers in his pump before I go, so I should budget 20 minutes or so for that.

Wish the Sonics luck! Ethan is starting to say 'finals' now, instead of playoffs, and we are sorta glad we have our anniversary without a trip, because if the sonics are in the finals, we would have cancelled a trip, anyway..............

Friday, February 11, 2005


Friday. Another day off. I spent a lot of the day today playing with Photoshop, as you can see with the pictures I have uploaded today. Pretty cool.

Sonics are playing Phoenix right now, and are up 85-81 in the 4th with 11 minutes to play. This would be such a big win! We beat Sacramento last night, although we had to leave the stadium midway through the 4th quarter. Ethan had to be at harborview by 10pm for some overtime he was working. But I listened to the game on the radio, and it ended great. Looking good tonight, too. Suns are a tough team, so this could be a really big one for us.

What else am I up to.....went to Gig Harbor yesterday for a bit of scrapbooking with Sabrina. Actually didn't get much done, but it was nice to see Sabrina and Raegan and Papa. Papa showed me a bunch of his pictures of the progress he is making on his boat. Looking really good. It will be pretty cool to see once it is all finished. He seems to really enjoy doing it. I know it is always cooler to have something nice that you did yourself, rather than just something you buy. At the Storm season ticket holders party last October, they had autograph lines, and I brought along some picture I had taken and had the player sign them. That was pretty cool. Much cooler than buying a picture or something for them to sign. It means a lot more to me this way. Haven't put the pictures up anywhere yet, because the poor sports room is just jam packed. They are safely tucked away in the cedar chest (which, by the way, happens to now be located IN the sports room. So I guess they are close. Although, technically, they are in the cedar chest that has all my scrapbooking stuff in it. Sort of a non-sports territory in the heart of the sports kingdom in there. But they fit, either way. The scrapbooking stuff was all banished by Ethan to the chest. I actually was the one who put everything there, but it was his idea. It fits in there, barely, and really was not appropriate for the sports room. But now I have to take everything off the top of the chest, open it up, pry out all the stuff I want to use, then close the lid and put the lamp back on top and really it has been such a mess that I haven't done any scrapbooking at all since moving the stuff. Maybe that was Ethan's goal.......)

Anyway, the pictures were cool. Enterprise is starting right now, and I am taping it in the living room while watching the game in the bedroom. Ethan should be home soon, and we will finish the game, then watch Battlestar Gallactica on the big screen, then Enterprise in the bedroom. We both have tomorrow off, so maybe we will stay up for a movie. Ethan is probably tired though. He worked 630am to 3pm, then slept 330 to 6pm, then Sonics from 730-10, then overtime work from 10pm to 2am, slept until 4am when someone walked into the lockshop forgetting he was sleeping there, then lay there until 630am when he started working again until 3pm. Then off to the bar for beer friday with the guys, then left at halftime and should be here momentarily. I figure he had 45 minutes of sleep, altogether. Probably no movie tonight.

Ooh--Sonics are up 101-92 with 5.5 minutes left to play. Looking good!

I am thinking of taking a photography class. One of the nurses at work is doing the same. Maybe we will take one together. I think Harborview will pay for it if we go to UW or a community college here. Although, UW does not have anything tailored for people who just want to dabble in amateur photography. I will have to search a bit. I have a great camera, but still need a lot of instruction on how to use it.

Raegan on a cameo necklace

Sabrina and Raegan

Here is a picture of Morgan I edited. Added in the scotch tape effect, background, airbrushed her face to remove graininess, lightened her beautiful blue eyes.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Edited picture of Morgan.......slight airbrushing, despeckling, lightened overall, brightened eyes, removed noise and graininess

Original picture of Morgan at her birthday party

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Well, I did not end up cutting Ethan's hair last night. So, no breaking news. The Sonics did win in blowout fashion. As expected. We even got to see the coaches cigar (rookie Robert Swift). He scored a single point with 23 seconds left, but the applause was thunderous when he entered the game with 2 minutes left. Pretty neat. Our next home game is Thursday, against Sacramento (I think).
Thinking about taking our Mexican vacation in late October instead of November, since Sonics season starts in November, and we could work it out to miss a Seahawks away game. Don't really care about the preseason Sonics games, so that wouldn't be an issues. Oh, the woes of being a season ticket holder for year-round sports.
Working 12 hours today, then a whopping 3 days off, in a row, followed by 8 hours on Sunday, then Monday off. Yippee!
I must figure out a valentines day gift of sorts for Ethan. We don't generally celebrate Valentines day (Hallmark holiday. I will choose when and where to be romantic and focused on my relationship, thank you very much), but this year he is being really secretive and I am not allowed to look in the trunk of the car or at the Visa statement online, so I am assuming he bought me something, and I don't want to sit there with no stufffor him. So what do I get?? Suggestions are welcomed! If it were me, I would get some flowers or something easy like that, but I know Ethan could care less about flowers (actually, I don't really like them all that much. They die quickly, the cats want to eat them, and they generally just add to the amount of garbage that must be removed from my house. I swear, we create more garbage than a family of 5. But, I digress.....;)
So I need to find a gift. A nurse here at work suggested going to Lovers Package and getting creative. We'll see. This is the same nurse who loaned me her straight iron for my hair. I ended up buying one of my own. I didn't do as good a job as the stylist did in the salon, but it looked pretty good. I just have to figure out what she put in my hair to make it so anti frizzy. I can get it completely straight, but there is a hint of frizz. Not a lot, but a hint, and that irritated me a little.
So. Since I am so into editing pictures, I would be happy to have you send me a picture or two that needs a little help. Send me the raw, unedited picture. Put it in .jpg form and don't let your photo editor shrink it. A bmp works too, but is much larger to attach to an email, and will get shrunk down. If you don't know how to change a .bmp to a .jpg, you can get a free program off the 'net by going to google and searching for a converting program. There are many out there. The bigger the picture is when I get it, the more editing that can be done without it being noticeable. And, remember--I am not a professional, I am just learning and experimenting with this, but I will do my best. Come on, it will be fun!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Another day off......
Good news yesterday, that ss check that I didn't believe really existed came. And it was for more than $2!! We are using the money as closing costs/new furniture/new paint, etc for our new house (in a couple years). It will be nice to have.
Another Sonics game tonight. Should be an easy win, but still gotta put it away. Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen were named to the All Star game today. It was sorta a long shot for Rashard, so we were pretty happy to hear it.
Other than the Sonics game, not much else going on tonight. I am going to cut Ethan's hair, but I guess that is not exactly breaking news.
Not much else going on, so I will have to continue this update later.......

Edited version--brightened eyes, smile, slight airbrush on skin, blurred background slightly


Monday, February 07, 2005

More Monday

Okay, officially busy. Of course, we get screwed just as I am trying to head to lunch. My lunch buddy was just finishing up her lunch when I got a call for her to get report on a post-op patient she was getting, then I got a call a minute later for my patient, then another call for her other patient, then my two hand patients were ready to discharge. All at once. So I discharged one, admitted the other, then discharged my last guy (actually, he is getting a splint put on right now, but he already has all his paperwork and everything, and I don't need to see him again before he leaves.). I admitted my new pt, who of course has pain issues and the MD's won't call back. Story of my life. They never call back (except ortho). This evening, we are having only 2 nurses still, so the rest of the admissions are mine and Lisa (the evening RN)'s. Yuck. But, I am off tomorrow. I have one patient who has been here all day, (actually had him last week for 3 days), and one who just got here, and will probably get 3 more. Maybe 2, but probably 3. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Admissions suck. You have to figure them out quickly, get them into bed, get them all set up with everything they need, find family, coordinate with pharmacy to get their meds here, call for their belongings to be brought up, teach them about their call light, and inevitably give them something for pain and nausea. Then, you can relax for a bit. Ick. Oh, well. I am off tomorrow!!!


So, on to the superbowl party. Of course, after several weeks of dry, warmer than normal weather, it was raining all day Sunday, and pretty chilly out. After much discussion, Ethan and I decided to bring our honey BBQ chicken wings and a 6 3/4 layer dip and chips, and that was it. Justin called and asked us to bring ice and 4 chairs and a garbage can to put the keg in, so we added that, too. We were the first arrivees at the party, and helped with the food setup and got good parking. Justin had stadium seating set up ,which consisted of a couch up on cinderblocks behind his regular futon, with two couches set up on the sides. There was also a TV in the basement with 6-8 chairs around it, a TV in the kitchen by the food, and a TV in the bathroom aimed perfectly at the toilet. So, no one missed a moment.
After all that, the Superbowl kinda sucked. Lots of poor play, turnovers etc. Then again you watched it.........the commercials really sucked except for the investment ones that say don't judge too quickly--those were cute. We had a betting pool for the scores with a $2 per square buy in, and random assignment of numbers. Basically, we put in $12 total for 6 squares, and if the number assigned to your square is the same as the score at the end of a quarter or the finals score you win money. I had the square with a 4 for the Patriots and a 1 for the Eagles, so I won $95 at the end. Actually, it was $93 because someone was a deadbeat and did not pay, but I was too happy to really care. That covered our dip, ice, gas for the car, chips, etc, and lunches for this week. Woohoo.

Oh, and it is Trekkie, not trekky, and no, I am not one. Trekkies are strange people who seem to really think that Star Trek is real. There is a movie out that shows this quite well. I am an appreciator of science fiction in general, which included star trek, among many other things.

I will post again later today, since I am on the 6th floor and there are only 7 patients with 2 nurses here. We will get tons of admits later, but for now it is a bit slow. Better to get some stamina built up for that evening push! I have tomorrow off, so no matter how bad it gets, I can keep that in the back of my head. (that is the reason why I choose to work day on-day off rather than days in a row, fyi.)


No posts for the weekend.....I was most understandably tired after my working-40-out-of-60-hours extravaganza last week. I slept in a bit on Friday, then had a Costco bonanza. I have never spent so much money at Costco as I did on Friday. But, we were in desperate need of food. So I bought everything, including the honey BBQ chicken wings for the superbowl party. Saturday, we did nothing. Actually, we spent the entire day ripping our clothes out of our closet and washing everything and reorganizing. We now have 4 huge garbage bags of clothing to donate, 2 bags of clothing that is worn out and garbage, and tons of clean clothes everywhere in neat little stacks. When we are done, it will be much nicer and more organized in our room. We have totally redone the closets, and overall it is better.
Also, we watched some battlestar galactica. I really like this series! Took me watching the miniseries to understand the show, but now that I get what is going on, I am really excited about it. This helped to soften the blow of Enterprise being cancelled. So sad. First time in like 19 years since there has been no Star Trek on TV. So very sad. But there is always Las Vegas........

Superbowl updates later...............

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Another day at work..................I have the same patients today as I did yesterday, which is nice. Makes things go smoothly. I have three patients today, so I have been busy enough to make the day go by.
We had a potluck today, and I had Ethan come up to get some food. That was nice. We had a south beach diet theme, which sucked, so it was the smallest potluck I have ever seen, but it still worked out. Ethan and I got to visit a bit, and I introduced him to some of my coworkers. Nice to put a face with the descriptions.
After that, I was asked if I would be willing to work until 11pm tonight and have Saturday off. So I am working 7am to 1130pm today, then 7am to 730pm tomorrow, then I have three days off and return for 12 hours on Monday. It will be nice to have the whole weekend off, but it is sure going to be tiring tonight and tomorrow!! I will get at least one admit tonight (please, let it be only 1!! 5 patients really sucks!), and I should have all the same people tomorrow, so a bit of coffee (chai, actually) will see me through.
I told Ethan this, and he called me back a few minutes later saying that he was offered overtime for working tonight 10pm-2am. So he gets off today at 3pm, cleans Argens, then will go home and get a nap and return with the car at 10. I will take the car home at 1130, then come back for work at 7am. Busy 24 hours for the Amersons! Good money, though. I get time-and-a-half from 3-7, and double-time from 7-11, then shift break premium tomorrow, which means that I get time-and-a-half for the first 8 hours tomorrow. One step closer to our house! Ethan has directed me to where he saw a house in north federal way for around $300k that he is in love with. I must go check that out and get inspired to work even more.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bored, bored, bored

I am so entirely bored. I have heard that there are lots of fun things to do there, but I haven't checked it out for myself yet. I just finally got one of my admissions, so I now have 3 patients. Whoop-de-doo. Two of them that were already here are easy. I really like one of them, and not just because he said I have beautiful eyes (not in a hitting on me sort of way--the guys is in his 50's and said I remind him of his granddaughter). Nice people are fun to take care of. It is nice to hear someone say that they really appreciate you taking care of them. The problem is, he doesn't really need any help-none of my patients have tons of needs, as far as nursing goes. I give them their meds, help them get cleaned up, one is on bedrest but can turn himself, the other can get up by himself using a walker, and the last one just had a little tumor removed and is doing fine. Everyone up here is a little bored. Okay, a lot bored. We are passing the time by thinking up ideas for themes for our potlucks. We have come up with colors, ethnicities, letters of the alphabet, and that is it so far. Not an especially creative bunch. But then again, we are bored, and sometimes that just sucks the creativity out of you. Admitting a patient can be a little busy, but once you have them comfortably tucked into bed and figure out their orders, they are just like your other patients. Well, this one is, anyway.

Bored, bored, bored. Maybe someone will call me and keep me entertained. Oh, but I do have 5pm and 6pm medications to look forward to. Those will be a real hoot. . . .


So, I guess I could have held my breath. I am, in fact, working on the 6th floor today. Will wonders never cease??

A little bit of news on Ethan.....he has an appointment tonight with his doctor for his knee (which is FINALLY going to be addressed!) and for his concussion. He is having a bit of short term memory loss, so we need to get that addressed. It will most likely go away on its own in the next couple of weeks, but still good to let your doctor know. I am really excited about him having his knee looked at. Anyone who knows Ethan knows that he has some real knee issues. He wants to start a team in a flag football league here, but at this point, he can't even play. He can play basketball once a month, because it takes that long for the swelling to go down in his right knee. So, basically, he can't play. Too much pain and swelling. He had been putting off having his knee looked at because we are pretty sure that fixing it will require some sort of surgery, and he didn't want to address that until he was hired on permanently here. So there.

Much boredom here, today. We only have 9 patients ( although we have like 12 admits coming in today), so not much to do. I only have 2 patients right now, with one on the way in a bit.

So excited about our possible vacation to Mexico! I am about 95% sure that Ethan and I will go, and I will put the early odds for Justin and Kim at about 35%, but that may change.

Also excited about the superbowl party this weekend at Justins (of course). He bought a ton of great meat, and I am making a 6 3/4 layer dip (no guacamole on 1/4 of it, for Ethan's sake) and either chicken chile in the crock pot or taco soup. I am leaning towards the chicken chili, but it really comes down to whatever Ethan wants. It is pretty easy to make each of them, so I will let him decide. I think we are also bringing some honey BBQ chicken wings from CostCo and maybe some hard alcohol and mixers. Should be a good turnout this year, and we are all officially rooting for the Eagles.

Okay, still bored, so I think I am going to break out my lunch and eat it early. I have the last of the chicken chili today. Yum!