Friday, February 18, 2005


I have decided NOT to mess up MY blog with stupid family issues that are not entertaining to write about.

Ethan worked late last night, until midnight, and I drove him to work early this morning. It is the end of his first week with out his boss there. He is doing great! Lots of compliments on his hard work, and some of the higher-ups seem to be noticing the good work he is doing. I am excited for him. And also, as soon as he joins the union (which is required within like 90 days or something like that), he gets another $1 raise. He is going to be making more than me any day now. But that is good. We have no competition. All the money goes the same place, anyway.
I am a little excited about getting our first new mortgage bill next month. We just refinanced to a 15 year, and are going to do our best to pay it off pronto. I think we have decided to sell this place and just get out. The condo association here is nuts, and we really don't want to have to deal with them forever. They just raised our condo dues AGAIN, and ANOTHER special assessment to pay for gutters. So stupid. Why do we have over $50k in reserves if not to use for things like the new roof we had a special assessment for and the gutters?? What is the point? And there are other things......the association president hired HIMSELF to be the groundskeeper, at a rate I think is a bit high for the work that is actually done. They hired a bunch of idiots to repaint the common areas, and it does not look good and cost us $8k to do!! Seriously, it could have been done for less than half that. THere are what-6 common areas?? Just stairways that are 3 floors high. Not really that much painting to do, but we spent a ton of money. And, they didn't paint everything. We had to be home or leave our doors unlocked so that they could be opened to be repainted. But they just painted them while shut, so there is 1/2 inch all around the door that is not painted and looks stupid. ANd they just painted around the numbers on the doors, rather than popping them off and painting behind them and reapplying the numbers. Pretty shoddy job. So, we want out. No more of this crap we cannot control. ANd, we hate our downstairs neighbors. But that is another story. We get along with everyone else. One woman in particular who parks across from us. She is always trying to give us fresh cucumbers and vegetables. Very sweet. And another woman in our section on the 3rd floor loves us because we came home one sweltering evening this summer and saw her sitting on the steps, trying to call a locksmith to unlock her door, since she had locked herself out. Ethan had her in there in like 15 seconds. Saved her at least $75 in a locksmith call. Anyway, there are some nice people here, but we want a house now.
What else.....oh--it is allstar weekend. The rookie-sophomore game is tonight, featuring Luke Ridnour on TNT at 6pm. Should be fun. Fun stuff is tomorrow starting at 5pm, which I will miss since I am working until 730pm, and then the big game on Sunday at 6pm, with Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen. Nice to have some Sonics represented there.

Okay, off to bigger and better things.....

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Mama-Beans said...

Um......... what is that first part about? Kinds seems intended to stir up old ashes in the hopes of making a fire?....
I'm glad Ethan is doing well at work. Now that you've decided to sell the condo, you can buy your new house as soon as you want!