Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So, I guess I could have held my breath. I am, in fact, working on the 6th floor today. Will wonders never cease??

A little bit of news on Ethan.....he has an appointment tonight with his doctor for his knee (which is FINALLY going to be addressed!) and for his concussion. He is having a bit of short term memory loss, so we need to get that addressed. It will most likely go away on its own in the next couple of weeks, but still good to let your doctor know. I am really excited about him having his knee looked at. Anyone who knows Ethan knows that he has some real knee issues. He wants to start a team in a flag football league here, but at this point, he can't even play. He can play basketball once a month, because it takes that long for the swelling to go down in his right knee. So, basically, he can't play. Too much pain and swelling. He had been putting off having his knee looked at because we are pretty sure that fixing it will require some sort of surgery, and he didn't want to address that until he was hired on permanently here. So there.

Much boredom here, today. We only have 9 patients ( although we have like 12 admits coming in today), so not much to do. I only have 2 patients right now, with one on the way in a bit.

So excited about our possible vacation to Mexico! I am about 95% sure that Ethan and I will go, and I will put the early odds for Justin and Kim at about 35%, but that may change.

Also excited about the superbowl party this weekend at Justins (of course). He bought a ton of great meat, and I am making a 6 3/4 layer dip (no guacamole on 1/4 of it, for Ethan's sake) and either chicken chile in the crock pot or taco soup. I am leaning towards the chicken chili, but it really comes down to whatever Ethan wants. It is pretty easy to make each of them, so I will let him decide. I think we are also bringing some honey BBQ chicken wings from CostCo and maybe some hard alcohol and mixers. Should be a good turnout this year, and we are all officially rooting for the Eagles.

Okay, still bored, so I think I am going to break out my lunch and eat it early. I have the last of the chicken chili today. Yum!

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Davinie said...

Are the Coopers doing anything for Christmas this year? Is Ethan going to use up all his vacation on hiatus and then be only able to spend a day or two on a Christmas gathering?