Friday, February 25, 2005


We had a good day yesterday. Ethan and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Actually, all over our part of West Seattle. Probably 2-3 miles altogether, or something like that. We used to do that in the summertime, but it was so warm yesterday, we headed out. I noticed that there were a lot fewer houses for sale than last year and the year before. Hopefully they will pick up again next year. There was one beautiful house for sale we saw, but it was on the hill overlooking the Puget sound and the Olympics, and the view was included in the price. $550K for that one, but it was big and nice. 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms, I think 2500 square feet, and huge picture windows looking over the water. Slightly out of our budget range.....
We got to write out our first mortgage check for the new 15 year mortgage. Ethan was really excited, but he let me write out the check. He wrote the one for the regular mortgage amount (what we are required to pay each month), and I wrote the one for the excess. Since we had last month off from mortgage payments, mine was for over $45oo. That will really help to get things down quickly. Ethan figures that this will be all paid off in 30 months, and start looking for another house in 24 months, but I think it will be a bit faster than that. Maybe 24 months to pay it off, and 20 months to start looking. Who am I kidding--we are looking NOW. Browsing and for likely houses. Still need to do some research on the schools involved (Ethan does not want our kids in Seattle public school district), keep an eye on busline proximity, neighborhood temperament, etc. Stuff we need to know. I have heard good things about schools on the East side, but we don't want to live there. Heard bad things about Kent/Federal Way, as far as mixed-race kids going there. It is important to me that my kid(s) be in a school that is very racially diverse and where diversity is celebrated (and not just in February. I have my own issues with Black History Month). So there. We will be quite prepared when the time comes around.
We have a Sonics game this evening, against Minnesota. Should be a good one. Danny Fortson is back, after his brief suspension and flying back East to be with his ill grandmother. We have definitely missed his presence, although Reggie Evans has been awesome.
I must remember to tape Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica tonight, since we will be at the game. I am going home after work at 330, so I will start it up then. Ethan is meeting with the Vegas 5, probably at McCoys firehouse, and I will meet up with them later, after they have had sufficient 'guy' time. I don't want to intrude on that. Ethan and I both have the day off tomorrow, and Sunday I am working 12 hours, and Felma at work is making chicken adobo for me in repayment of me giving her a pink breast cancer awareness bracelet. Her chicken adobo is awesome (filipino). She also has made and given me the recipe for Pancit, which is some different noodles with chicken and pork. Delicious. I should make it more often, but it is a bit of a pain to cook the chicken and chop it all up and do everything. Not really, I guess. I might make some Saturday and bring it in. Felma is always so proud when I bring in pancit or something she has given me the recipe for. My first few tries turned out quite well.

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