Monday, February 27, 2006

God save us all from the Religious Right

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is mine.

An embryo IS a bunch of cells. It is a bunch of cells with the POTENTIAL to become a fetus, and then a baby.

I fully support the right for a woman to choose what is best for her specific situation, her body, her family, HER. I don't think it is right to kill a baby. I don't think a baby is being killed. If I were to get pregnant at a time when it was absolutely not doable for me, I would consider a termination of that pregnancy. The embryo. The group of cells. I DO see a difference between embryo and fetus. I think the late term, so called "partial birth" abortions are a different story, but I don't think any blanket statement should apply to anything--every case is unique and different. I don't think abortion is a good form of birth control, I don't think it is or should be an easy option, I think people need to take every step possible to prevent unwanted pregnancies from occurring, but I think this option should be there, should be available. Don't tell me they should just go through with the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption. Do you have any idea how many kids there are in this country alone that need families?? People will adopt a newborn, white infant, but not a three year old hispanic kid, not a 5 year old black kid. Not even a 4 year old white kid. Those kids were born to mothers not prepared to take care of them, not ABLE to do anything for them. Many are born drug addicted, many are neglected. Many were not wanted. THere are so many kids out there who really need help now, banning abortion would just create more, and there is no way to take care of these kids. THey slip through the cracks every single day.
Before you tell me what to do with MY body and MY situation, go adopt some of these kids who really need a loving family and someone to advocate for them. Leave the embryo, the group of cells alone, and concentrate on the kids.

My two cents. Don't have to agree with me, but don't try to force your opinions on me. I have seen so much on this on the TV and internet and the papers lately, I just had to say SOMETHING............not looking for a debate, just ranting......
After 5 days on the market, the condo is GONE.
The buyers were reportedly (via their agent), very picky, and had been looking for a while now for a place. They walked into the condo Sunday evening, and instantly loved it. Their quote was that it looked fantastic. (Thanks, Mom!!)
SO.......we saved $5000 by doing the painting/remodel ourselves and with Mom, raised our purchase price by $5o00, and ended up getting everything we asked for.
Can I get a Woo Hoo??

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why I will not be updating my blogs any time soon

I am working. I work at work, and I work at home. I work 8 hours today, then will head over to the condo to paint until 9:30 or so. Then I work 12 hours tomorrow, and will head over to the condo to work a couple hours with Ethan. I am off Thursday, and will spend the entire day at the condo. I work 8 hours Friday, and Ethan will spend the entire day at the condo. I am off Saturday and will spend the entire day at the condo. I am working 12 hours Sunday, and off Monday. If there is more work to be done on Monday, I am running away from home. We have been at the condo until 10pm for the last few days, and that won't end any time soon. Work at Harborview is respite from work at the condo. The condo sucks. It looks very nice now, but not nice enough, and there is a TON of work to be done there. So.....doubtful I will be playing on the computer much for the next week or so....

Why Mom is my hero

Mom flew up here Friday morning, and spent three 14-hour days working on our condo. We thought we had maybe 10 hours worth of work that needed to be done (by her), but we were wrong! She came to install new trim everywhere. What a pain! We had it painted, then she measured them, cut them, nailed them up, added painters caulk, prettied them up, and did a wonderful job. She knows EVERYTHING! We have so much crap going on over there, it is ridiculous. Know what we are doing for Valentines day?? After my 8-hour respite at work, we are heading over to the condo to repaint the trim and walls. They need another coat to look nice. We had carpet installed Monday, and need to repaint everything, and clean out the bathrooms, throw a bunch of garbage away, finish painting the kitchen, clean out the fridge, etc. We hope to put the condo on the market next week.

Mom was wonderful. We spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the condo, then did a couple hours Monday morning before heading out. We went to REI for some relaxation, then I put her on a train home. She had some awesome ideas for building an entertainment center built-in sort of thing around our mammoth TV, and wants to come back up in late March to do that. If she had not come up here, we would still be standing in the condo wondering what the heck we were doing. Go mom!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three. ~Elayne Boosler

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fallen Firefighter memorial in Pioneer Square. It was made after 5 firefighters were killed in a warehouse fire that was eventually found to be an arson set by the owner of the building in an insurance scam. The names of all Seattle firefighters killed in the line of duty are engraved in the concrete portions.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What I'm up to

Painting. Lots of painting. I painted one big wall in the house, and my scrapbook room, then moved on to the condo. I am painting the ENTIRE condo, except for the two bathrooms. I have finished the living and dining rooms and the second bathroom, and need to finish up in the hallway, and do the master bedroom. I also painted all the room doors and closet doors white, and painted the door frames white to match. We still need to buy a ton of trim and paint it white (it comes pre-primed, thank god....), and now we know that the kitchen needs to be painted a soft yellow. Actually, our real estate agent (via her interior design person), told us to paint it the color of the label on the apricot beer bottle that is sitting on the counter in the kitchen (it is the only kind of beer I like to drink......haven't gotten around to moving it yet). So I will be taking my bottle to Home Depot to get a matching color.
Then, Ethan is going to add knobs/pulls to our kitchen cabinets, and hopefully we can get mom down this weekend to help with the trim installation, and get carpet guys out to replace the carpet, and we are all done. It is A LOT of work!!! I am doing all of the painting, because Ethan hates painting. He is scrubbing the bathrooms, really getting them spotless and perfect, and has been removing and re-hanging the doors. Since I have more actual days off, I get the fun stuff. Actually, I enjoy painting. I volunteered to do it, but I am becoming less and less fond of it. I still need to paint at least the two upstairs bedroom in the house, and need major touchups on the white living room, as well as a good deal of spackle (spackel??). I can do it....I know it will look great when I am done.
Ethan is the chief putter-together-er of things, and I am the prettier and painter. It all works out nicely.
So. That is pretty much what I have been up to. Oh, and the Superbowl, of course. Don't even get me started on the crappy officiating. But, the Hawks played crappily too, so I can't put ALL the blame on the refs. Oh, well. Miami, here we come!!!

And, Shadow has herpes. Apparently most cats carry the herpes virus, but you never see any symptoms and it remains dormant in them. When they are really stressed out, they can have an outbreak (it is NOT contagious to humans...different herpes). I know that the only time I get cold sores is if I am all stressed out, and poor Shadow shares my pain. Actually, his version is much better. One of his eyes is all weepy and has some goop in it. The vet gave us some goo to put in it twice a day to clear it up, and he will be fine. But I just feel so bad that my baby has gotten so stressed out! I bought lots of soft food for the kitties to make it up to them, which they appreciate. The Boo-kitty is too skinny lately, always has been a bit, and now with all the running up and down the stairs (and he LOVES to do that...), he is bound to get even skinnier. I worry about him sometimes.......but they both have soft food to eat and enjoy, so I feel a bit better.

I sure wish I had blogs to read that were updated and had pictures........MINE will have pictures up later tonight once I am home. That sure is nice to see, pictures I mean. Lets you see what people are up to, shows you how kids grow. Aww, shucks.....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Grand Gridiron Goals

Almost any appropriate athletics aficionado is attending a big bash to back their band of bashers and ballers. Contrary to conventional celebrated communications and conjecture, the damp, drenched, dare we say 'deluged' devotees of MY district distinctly espouse enormous enthusiastic expectations for our family-friendly football faction to finish off that greatly glorified gang of heavy hitters and their head honcho, the idiot with the immense id. Incomplete identification of just how juiced our jocks are kills the kosher-ness and legitimacy of the laughable looked-for

Okay, according to there is no word starting with an L or M that means outcome, end, prediction, etc. But, that is a lot of the alphabet to get through.......

Go Seahawks!! 330pm on ABC, for all you non-sports people. If there is ONE event you watch each year, this should be it!!!