Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Mom is my hero

Mom flew up here Friday morning, and spent three 14-hour days working on our condo. We thought we had maybe 10 hours worth of work that needed to be done (by her), but we were wrong! She came to install new trim everywhere. What a pain! We had it painted, then she measured them, cut them, nailed them up, added painters caulk, prettied them up, and did a wonderful job. She knows EVERYTHING! We have so much crap going on over there, it is ridiculous. Know what we are doing for Valentines day?? After my 8-hour respite at work, we are heading over to the condo to repaint the trim and walls. They need another coat to look nice. We had carpet installed Monday, and need to repaint everything, and clean out the bathrooms, throw a bunch of garbage away, finish painting the kitchen, clean out the fridge, etc. We hope to put the condo on the market next week.

Mom was wonderful. We spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the condo, then did a couple hours Monday morning before heading out. We went to REI for some relaxation, then I put her on a train home. She had some awesome ideas for building an entertainment center built-in sort of thing around our mammoth TV, and wants to come back up in late March to do that. If she had not come up here, we would still be standing in the condo wondering what the heck we were doing. Go mom!!

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