Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh, brother (or sister)

Well, my perfectly normal day with an exciting weekend coming up has changed....Mom has a train ticket and is scheduled to come up here tomorrow to do our trimwork and build me a scrapbook room. Davinie, in her neverending quest to outscrapbook me, decided to go into labor a month before her due date, so now Mom will not be able to do my room. Curses, foiled again!! Instead, I am leaving work as soon as a replacement comes, and picking up mom and heading South in a mad rush to see the newest Fiero. Is it a boy?? Is it a girl?? We shall soon see........

My bamboo that matches the curtain, and my basket of towels and basket of tp (need to refill....)

Sideways view of my new wicker hamper and green rug

sideways view of my new shower curtain

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


We think the house is sold again. Well, the condo. We think. It has passed inspection, and they have signed off on the resale certificate (the thing that made the last deal fall through), and we just have to wait for them to get funding (a loan). If they can't get a loan, obviously it falls through. But just about anyone with a job should qualify for enough to buy the condo, so it should be fine.

And in other news....actually, nothing. Work, home, work, home. Oh, Mom is coming up here again on Friday to help us out with our trim and to design my scrapbook room for me. I already bought about half of the trim and stained it, need to buy the other half and stain it then seal them all, then I need to spackle up the walls and repaint the areas that I spackle, and that is about it. Lots-o-fun. Actually, staining was pretty fun. Much better than painting, anyway!!

The kitties are about to be entered into a Harborview pet contest, and they will TOTALLY win. Have you seen the pictures I have of my babies?!? Of course you have.....just scroll down and they are on this blog several times. We are gonna blow them away. Ethan will enter one and I will enter the other, and the first place animal gets a $100 gift certificate to PetCo and second place gets a $75 gift certificate. We are gonna win both!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here is a lighter more better looking version, just for Davinie

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yes, yes, yes.....long time no update. Whatever. So.....the condo has another buyer, they talked us down to 199K (we went down $950), and it should all work out. We will close I think on April 21. Whoop-dee-do. So not excited about this. After the last one fell through, I have become cynical. That, and our credit card now has so much crap on it (we usually do NOT carry a balance, this is so unusual for us--we put all the carpet and Home Depot stuff for the house and the condo on it, and plan to pay it all off once the condo sells), anyway, it is nearly full. And Ethan has awesome credit, so the limit is NOT low, and it is almost full! Which just means that my laptop is slip slipping away, as is all our fun things we wanted to but. know us. We are so stinking responsible with money that we weren't probably going to buy the fun stuff anyway (well, Ethan is.....I am more of the money waster in the family).
So. THIS computer is crap, so we need a new one, and the definitely takes precedent over the laptop. Dammit!! I want a laptop!! Oh, well.

We are going to purchase our plane tickets to Los Cabos shortly...oh, which reminds me--I need to send my passport in to get a renewal. I got it for when I went to Cuba in 1996, and it expired in January. I will have to set up the tripod and take a picture of myself today. Anyway, woohoo Mexico! I am SO ready for a vacation! Ethan is turning 20-10 and I will make him blissfully unaware of that fact by distracting him with rum and Coronas (not together, that doesn't sound very tasty)

Busy couple of months coming up. Davinie's baby in April that I will be driving down for, the awesome trauma conference May 31 and June 1 (yes, yes yes....I am totally looking forward to the trauma conference. I have gone every year since I became a nurse, and it is always an awesome time. I learn so much, there are cool gory pictures, it is awesome. Harborview puts it on, since we are the massive trauma center, so sometimes I hear case studies and I have taken care of the patient they are discussing. I know a lot of the docs that present, and it is nice to hear some of the stories that are told at the conference....anyway, I am a trauma nerd). Then Sabrina is having her 'little man' the next week, and I am planning to drive down for that and hope my timing is on so that I am there for the big event, since Ethan and I head to Meheeco the next week.

I have recently taken up a account, mostly because everyone at work has them and they are hysterical. AND....Jobie has one and it is another way to keep in contact, and I have seen a couple people from high school over there, and it is interesting to see what people have become/who they grew up to be. Because seriously--who is the same as they were in high school?!? The reason I did not go to my 10 year reunion (other than the fact that I only found out about it a couple weeks in advance and I was working that weekend), was because I KNOW I am SO different than I was in high school, I have developed an ACTUAL personality and I KNOW who I am now, but I also know that my damn shy streak is extremely strong, and I would probably have spent the entire evening sitting quietly in the corner too scared to talk to people. I hate that!!! I refuse to be that person. I am so different when I am comfortable, and around people that I am comfortable with. I HATE that when I am in new situations, I freeze and feel all awkward and don't have any ability to be MYSELF. I wish I had gone to that reunion, on some levels, but I am also glad that I didn't, because I would have sat there next to Davinie and Steve and Morgan and not been able to be ME. I would have been Davinie's sister, or that quiet girl whats-her-name or something like that. Forget it. If I cannot act like MYSELF, I am not doing it. Seriously--being shy SUCKS. Not a whole lot you can do about it. It just sucks. No offense to Davinie or Steve, or even Morgan. I am glad they went and had a good time. I just know that their presence there would have made it so much easier for me to sit there and be the timid girl I was 10 years ago, and I didn't want that. If that makes any sense...........
still, after these almost 5 years in nursing, the most difficult part of every day for me is walking into a patients room and saying 'My name is Alyca, I am going to be your nurse today". Once I get past that part, I am fine, but I still have to force myself EVERY DAY to walk into that room and introduce myself. Pretty dumb, huh??

Friday, March 10, 2006

Never mind

The buyers for the condo backed out. They got the resale certificate from our condo association (standard thing--we had to pay $150 to get it), and since the association has been discussing replacing the siding and the windows (they have been discussing this for YEARS.......not happening any time soon!), they are concerned that they will have to pay for that soon, so they backed out. We had heard that they were going to ask us to put money into escrow, and any assessments that became due in the next year would be paid out of that money, but they ended up not even asking for that, and just backed.

Starting over.....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 a bit busy last night. I ended up staying 4 extra hours and dealing with crap..... Worked 40 hours over the past 3 days, and now I'm enjoying a nice day off. So nice to be able to sleep in! I am heading out in a bit to get the new Harry Potter movie that came out yesterday. Woo and hoo. Hopefully there are lots of nice extras on there...

Really, there is nothing going on for me to write about on here. I can think of nothing......cats, house, is about it for the moment......
Oh, we DID finally get the foosball table set up. It is so big, we are having a hard time finding a place for it. Right now it is in the computer room, and I think it will stay there. It won't fit in the sports room very well, and isn't appropriate for upstairs, so this is a good spot for it.

Well, Harry is calling. Maybe I will think up some good discussion things whilst I drive to pick him up.....

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lets see........

The sports room is really coming together nicely. Every time I come home, Ethan has something new up or moved....the room looks a lot bigger now that it is not being used as a box storage place. He took the old shelves I removed from my scrapbook room and hung them on one little wall, and they hold a lot more and look very nice, so the room looks bigger.....

The upstairs living room is together now, except for us needing to buy end tables, coffee table, lamps, etc. What IS there looks nice, so it is a start.

The cats are THRILLED with the house now. They tear around chasing each other, and it is amazing how much noise they make! No wonder our old downstairs-neighbors hated us! The cats are so noisy! They jump off things so un-gracefully, with a big thud when they land. It cracks me up to see/hear them tearing up the stairs and spinning out on the laminate floor, so they slide into the wall or couch. Just like in those cartoons!

Gotta go give a pain pill.....will add more in a sec....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A couple o photos to show the house as-is for now.........well, to show the sports room, anyway. The batteries on the camera died and are currently charging, and if I am still motivated later, I will put some up of other parts of the house

Extremely exciting view of my scrapbook is going to help me make some shelves/desk sorta thing for this room, and kinda yelled at me when I went looking at GOodwill for a beater desk to put in will be AWESOME when it finally gets done.....

Sonics wall, and random crap sitting on my cedar chest/spare seating. We have our random seat cushions on top of the cedar chest for extra seating. THe very bottom of the picture shows the edge of the couch. I am going to buy a dark blue (Seahawks blue) couch cover, and custom make a huge Seahawks logo to put on the back. The logo is the perfect shape for the back of a couch, and it will look AWESOME! The vacuum has an actual home elsewhere, so ignore that....the boxes are also temporary, but they don't have a home elsewhere yet, so they are still hanging out..

Closeup of the #1 Sonics wall. We will get these jerseys nicely framed sometime, but these are cool for now.....

Closeup of the Star Trek section in the corner... you don't really notice the fishing line in the room, it just shows up here because of the flash.....

Bobblehead wall in the sports room, with the NBA Hallmark ornament collection hanging below

Storm section......couple of bobbleheads, signe LJ jersey, big frame with stuff from the championship season, and the replica trophy

THE sports room (Seahawks wall). See the fathead on the wall?? (enormous helmet sticker), big TV, temporary component setup. Mom is going to come up here in a month or so and build us a custom entertainment center. It will be built around the TV, and will take up the entire width of the wall, and most of the height. We will leave spaces where there is no back so you can see the blue wall, and maybe frame some jerseys in there. No plans just yet, but it will look AWESOME!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Finally....I am starting to scrap again.....still a work in progress, but I have STARTED a layout, which is good.....