Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yes, yes, yes.....long time no update. Whatever. So.....the condo has another buyer, they talked us down to 199K (we went down $950), and it should all work out. We will close I think on April 21. Whoop-dee-do. So not excited about this. After the last one fell through, I have become cynical. That, and our credit card now has so much crap on it (we usually do NOT carry a balance, this is so unusual for us--we put all the carpet and Home Depot stuff for the house and the condo on it, and plan to pay it all off once the condo sells), anyway, it is nearly full. And Ethan has awesome credit, so the limit is NOT low, and it is almost full! Which just means that my laptop is slip slipping away, as is all our fun things we wanted to but. know us. We are so stinking responsible with money that we weren't probably going to buy the fun stuff anyway (well, Ethan is.....I am more of the money waster in the family).
So. THIS computer is crap, so we need a new one, and the definitely takes precedent over the laptop. Dammit!! I want a laptop!! Oh, well.

We are going to purchase our plane tickets to Los Cabos shortly...oh, which reminds me--I need to send my passport in to get a renewal. I got it for when I went to Cuba in 1996, and it expired in January. I will have to set up the tripod and take a picture of myself today. Anyway, woohoo Mexico! I am SO ready for a vacation! Ethan is turning 20-10 and I will make him blissfully unaware of that fact by distracting him with rum and Coronas (not together, that doesn't sound very tasty)

Busy couple of months coming up. Davinie's baby in April that I will be driving down for, the awesome trauma conference May 31 and June 1 (yes, yes yes....I am totally looking forward to the trauma conference. I have gone every year since I became a nurse, and it is always an awesome time. I learn so much, there are cool gory pictures, it is awesome. Harborview puts it on, since we are the massive trauma center, so sometimes I hear case studies and I have taken care of the patient they are discussing. I know a lot of the docs that present, and it is nice to hear some of the stories that are told at the conference....anyway, I am a trauma nerd). Then Sabrina is having her 'little man' the next week, and I am planning to drive down for that and hope my timing is on so that I am there for the big event, since Ethan and I head to Meheeco the next week.

I have recently taken up a account, mostly because everyone at work has them and they are hysterical. AND....Jobie has one and it is another way to keep in contact, and I have seen a couple people from high school over there, and it is interesting to see what people have become/who they grew up to be. Because seriously--who is the same as they were in high school?!? The reason I did not go to my 10 year reunion (other than the fact that I only found out about it a couple weeks in advance and I was working that weekend), was because I KNOW I am SO different than I was in high school, I have developed an ACTUAL personality and I KNOW who I am now, but I also know that my damn shy streak is extremely strong, and I would probably have spent the entire evening sitting quietly in the corner too scared to talk to people. I hate that!!! I refuse to be that person. I am so different when I am comfortable, and around people that I am comfortable with. I HATE that when I am in new situations, I freeze and feel all awkward and don't have any ability to be MYSELF. I wish I had gone to that reunion, on some levels, but I am also glad that I didn't, because I would have sat there next to Davinie and Steve and Morgan and not been able to be ME. I would have been Davinie's sister, or that quiet girl whats-her-name or something like that. Forget it. If I cannot act like MYSELF, I am not doing it. Seriously--being shy SUCKS. Not a whole lot you can do about it. It just sucks. No offense to Davinie or Steve, or even Morgan. I am glad they went and had a good time. I just know that their presence there would have made it so much easier for me to sit there and be the timid girl I was 10 years ago, and I didn't want that. If that makes any sense...........
still, after these almost 5 years in nursing, the most difficult part of every day for me is walking into a patients room and saying 'My name is Alyca, I am going to be your nurse today". Once I get past that part, I am fine, but I still have to force myself EVERY DAY to walk into that room and introduce myself. Pretty dumb, huh??


Mama-Beans said...

You ARE a busy girl! I'll try to "plan" Little Mans arrival so that you can be there! Need those gory pictures, and who will cut the cord?? ( Matt was rather faint at the thought last time, I recall..)
As for High School.... Yeah. The thing is, EVERYONE changes though. Bold people might now be shy. Popular people might now be horribly fat ( I joke. I know, not funny, but you get the idea)
I hope you go to your 15 or 20 year ( do they have those?)
I'll be going to my 10 if we have one, even if I am the chubbiest house-wife present.

Davinie said...

The more you put yourself out there, the easier it will be.

I'm sorry you didn't go to the reunion. Most weren't as you'd expect... but some still were. Phillip was host extraordinaire and still very friendly, and Mandi was very shy and not snooty. I wish you had come.... but I'm confident you will get another opportunity. Your class seemed organized enough to plan another event in the future. Attend that one! Not many people would want to go back and do high school over again... so don't expect anyone to be the same. Just realize that people cope with their "issues" in different ways, and maybe aren't snooty, just insecure, etc.

As for April, I am very excited you will be here for the baby. I can't WAIT to see who it is. ########## or ########? We shall find out soon!

jc_people said...

You may be shy and have a hard time in mixed company, but you are still the coolest nurse I know so don't be so hard on yourself. I didn't go to my reunion because I didn't think my classmates were interesting even then, and I expend a lot of energy dodging them in public places now. I hate it when one actually spots me and talks to me. Blech. Yicky.