Thursday, April 28, 2005

The second time

For the second time, I have had someone tell me that I look like Drew Barrymore. I don't see it, but it was fascinating to hear that from someone other than Davinie, who is completely objective and did not first hear it from Davinie. Anyway................

Friday, April 22, 2005


Ethan is at the point where he is considering leaving locksmithing behind. This sucks. He loves being a locksmith, and he loves his job, he just can't stand working with someone who is supremely lazy, lies constantly, chatters incessantly about how wonderful he is, and steals from his company. The lockshop is getting a really bad reputation, and Ethan can't stand being a part of it. I am trying to convince him to collect information that shows without a doubt that his boss is stealing, which is the only way to get rid of him. It is getting worse and worse--now, Ethan gets to work, his boss plays on the computer with his ebay business and email and looking at videos, etc, and some work comes in and he tells Ethan to do it, so Ethan goes and does it, and comes back hours later to find his boss in the exact same spot playing on the computer. Or, his boss the other day cut a bunch of keys, took them down and discovered that he had cut them all backwards, so he came back and told Ethan to recut them while he played on the computer. Or, Ethan is helping to train some guy who is looking to get a job elsewhere and the job he wants prefers someone with a tiny bit of locksmith knowledge, so Ethan has been teaching him how to pin a lock, simple things like that, but his boss keeps butting in and telling the guy how much he knows and that pinning a lock is so simple and he is wonderful and basically annoying everyone to the point that the guy leaves all frustrated a few minutes later. He is just so full of himself, and it is beyond irritating when someone who is the worst of the worst thinks they are the best of the best and are CONSTANTLY telling you all about it. And, he is wierd. He lives an alternative lifestyle, to each their own, but is always talking about his home situation and how great it is and basically wierding Ethan out. And then the other day he made the mistake of bringing up ME and questioning MY sexuality (I met this guy once about 2 years ago, but he doesn't remember me or know what I look like--up until the other day he thought I was black), I think he is trying to somehow bring Ethan into his lifestyle and tell him how cool it is, which would require me to enjoy 3-somes and sleeping with women, etc. So I am really glad Ethan didn't hit him. He just told him not to go there, and that was that.
Ethan's concern is that someone at work has two separate counts of sexual harrassment against them, and they have not been fired, just moved around the company, and another guy was seen taking a huge cart load of computers and other Harborview equipment and loading it into his car, and HE wasn't fired, even though it was the director of engineering that saw him. They couldn't prove that he had stolen anything, since public safety didn't see him loading anything, they just saw a car full of things, so they didn't even investigate and the guy still has his job.


So, the guy in the machinist shop would love to have Ethan, and has told him this many times. Ethan works most of his overtime with the head of that shop, and the guy really appreciates Ethan being a hard worker. Like last night, they had to dismantle a huge metal sculpture because some kid climbed up it and fell and was seriously injured. Ethan helped them out, and his boss came to for extra money. It ended up that his boss sucks with the metal cutting thing, and kept getting it stuck, so they had him using it to cut apart the pieces after everyone else removed the bigger pieces from the sculpture, since that was easier. After the guy in charge went somewhere else to work on another part of the project, Ethan's boss sat down and started directing Ethan on what to do and how to do it. There were 2 cutters, and people pointed that out to him, but he said no, lets just use one, and sat on his fat ass telling Ethan what to do. Can I mention that this guy was just supposed to be there as labor and was at that point not in any position of authority? But felt the need to sit on his lazy ass telling Ethan how great he was and not doing any work. And, when they finished the main part at 9pm, went to hang out in the lockshop, even though they were supposed to work until10pm (that was the deal), because there were other small projects that needed help. Lazy, lazy , lazy.

It's just with the history of people NOT getting fired for being bad at what they do, the only way to get rid of this guy is to get him caught with stealing. Ethan is going to start saving incriminating things, like the purchase sheet that shows hundreds of keys the guy had the hospital buy, but they don't use those types of keys ANYWHERE at the hospital--they are for his boss's ebay business, as is the $2500 key machine that he ordered to cut those keys. There is no one who oversees these guys at all--no one who knows what things the hospital uses or does not use, so no one but Ethan can see that he is stealing. I am hoping that we somehow get enough stuff together to make an airtight case and they fire this guy and Ethan can be in the shop and recruit over Karl or Eric from Argens and run this thing right. THe shop can be run so that orders are done quickly, things are fixed ontime and people don't get all irritated at not having their locks fixed/changed, etc.

Worst case scenario has Ethan leaving locksmithing and training in the machinist shop there. Maybe he can get a job up at UW. They don't have a real locksmith at the hospital there, just a carpenter with a little training. Ethan went up therer a week ago t0 teach the guy how to do some simple things. That would be a great place to go, or the UW campus locksmiths, too. He says he does not regret leaving Argens, because the benefits/retirement, etc are all so much better here, but something is going to have to change.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

So today, I have new hair. I went to a salon, the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, to be exact, and had my hair highlighted with copper and blonde, and I am liking it. They had a special, since they are just opening, so everything from waxing to color to perms was only $5. I spotted an advertisement in the paper last month and jumped on it. Color was the most expensive thing I could get (other than waxing, but I am not interested. I got a bikini wax before my wedding, and half the hair was still left. I was s lightly disappointed. After all that pulling it still looked crappy and I had to shave over that irritated skin.), so I got highlights. They are basically the same red as before, but more of it and a bit darker/deeper. The blonde is not as noticeable, but I am sure it is there, too. So there.

Also, another position is opening up. I would have to hear more about exactly what they do, but our nurse care coordinator quit abruptly last week and is back as a floor nurse, so her spot is available. We have all been wondering exactly what it is that she does, so it will be interesting to read the job description and see. I would be possibly more interested in this position, since it involves the same patients and nurses I already know here, and that interests me. I will have to see. She suggested that anyone interested talk with the ARNP's about the job description, since they sort of direct that position, and are the reason she quit. Her position was not clearly defined as to what exactly she was expected to do, and it became very frustrating. Anyway......

I had two days off, and have two days off again after today. That is so nice. Only one day off is not enough--you end up thinking all day about the fact that you have to work the next day. But two--you really get a chance to relax and rest. It is nice when these two days fall over a weekend, like it does this week (friday/saturday), so that Ethan and I both have a night where we can stay up late together and don't have to work in the morning.

The other day, I discovered that Shadow's head is the perfect fit for our mini football helmets we got as a season ticket holder gift from the Seahawks. If I can figure out how to get him to hold still with it on, I will surely take a picture. When I put it on him last time, the first thing he did was whack his head into the wall, freaking out trying to get it off. The weight of it really threw him off. It was hysterical. Also, we have a mini Gus Williams Sonics jersey that will probably fit him. Maybe it is a bit too big, but if I can figure out how to put it on along with the helmet, I will send the pictures out as our 2005 Christmas photos. If I survive the scratching that I am sure will follow that situation......

At our last home regular season Sonics game, they had tons of giveaways for fans. We got there late (unusual for us), so it was almost half way through the first quarter, and our seats (Ethan's seat, to be exact) just won an autographed Danny Fortson jersey, and the dance team girl was in the process of giving it to some mooch who had sat in our seats. We have pretty good seats, so people in crappy seats often try to sit in them, hoping that we won't show up. Anyway, our usher knows us pretty well, we talk with him every game, and there are dozens of other season ticket holders who sit in our section that know us or at least recognize us. So when we showed up, the usher, Daren, was all concerned, he said he was trying to tell the dance team girl that those people didn't belong in those seats. When we walked around the aisle to our seats, we got a standing ovation from the section, the people in our seats slunk off without a fight, and we showed our season tickets and claimed our prize. It was crazy. They have some giveaways every game, but we NEVER win, so here we were and we almost missed it!

The people in our section are interesting. There is a woman in her late 50's, I would guess, along with her husband, and I started always noticing when they arrived at the game, since they sit about 4 rows behind us and they have to walk past us, and she always has this bright green and gold felt scarf she wears, which is really bright. So she started noticing me noticing her, and we always smile and say hi. They thought it was pretty funny when I yelled at this guy who had sat behind us and spilled a full beer and did not notify us, just tried to clean it up (which means he sloshed all the beer from the place where his feet go down behind Ethan's seat onto his suede Sonics jacket under his chair. I wasn't so much irritated that he spilled his beer, because, hey, that happens, but if he had TOLD us, we could have moved Ethan's jacket and it would not have gotten wet-the beer did not splash on it directly, just when the puddle of beer became big enough it got all over the coat and it soaked it up.) So this guy didn't say anything, and then at halftime, Ethan left to go to the bathroom, and I looked and saw a stream running down the stairs right by his seat. I grabbed our season tickets (which we keep in a plastic bag just for events like this), and his coat, which was soaked. The guy behind us was not there at the time, so I went to the bathroom and wrung out what beer I could. When I came back, Ethan was in his seat looking confused, since his coat and tickets and ME were gone. I came back in and started yelling at the guy behind him, who tried to act like he had no idea that gravity exists and beer follows the laws of gravity when it is pushed from a higher level onto a lower level including a suede jacket. It was a short yell, not much, a small amount of profanity, I must admit, but he was totally in the wrong. Basically, I said that when you spill a (insert expletive) beer, you TELL the person in front of you, you don't just pretend it didn't happen. I felt bad, because I think it totally ruined his game from that point, but hey--he totally ruined a $200 coat (or at least I now have to get it dry cleaned which will be at least $25). So the couple with the scarf thought it was funny and they like to remind us to cover our things with plastic before we sit.

There is also a couple in their mid 40's who sits in front of us, a couple seats over. They crack me up. They have 2 season tickets, but they always have different people they bring with them, and are unable to get the two seats next to theirs, so almost every game they sit there anyway, and the usher has to kick them out when the people who are supposed to be sitting there come. Goofy. Just sit where you paid to sit!

Playoffs start this weekend, which should be a ton of fun. I got my schedule changed so I won't miss any games. I can work 8 hours on a game day, but not 12 since the games start before I get off, and I did not pay thousands of dollars to watch half of the games. Work has been pretty accommodating. They were great last year when the Storm were in the playoffs.

What else.....oh-I think Ethan and I are going to Reno in June. There is a locksmith convention with classes that he is pretty sure he is going to, so I am going to fly down too. He has I think 3 classes to go to, each 3-4 hours long, and the rest of the time is his to do what he wants with. They will pay for his flight, hotel, a rental car and even a stipend for meals. I just have to buy a plane ticket down, and we are set. Pretty cool. He isn't allowed to take any vacation until he has been there 6 months as a permanent employee, which is in August, so we weren't even going to be able to take a vacation until Mexico in October, but this is just as good as a vacation! It would be 4 nights total, and the week after our anniversary/Ethan's birthday.

Okay, I gotta get back to work. I have a student today, and extremely easy patients and I have been bored to tears, but the student is starting to wonder what we do all day. Maybe I will go provoke someone and cause a problem so she can help me treat it. These days come few and far between, and normally they are pretty nice, but gotta set a good example for the students...........

Friday, April 15, 2005

New post

Okay, so here I am again. Writing in my blog. I don't have to actually have anything to write about to add a post, I just have to have the time and energy to type. I am at work, but I worked yesterday for 12 hours and I am only here for 8 today, and I have the same patients, so I have time. I already know the patients and what they are like and what I need to do, so I have them all squared away and I am just waiting for one of my patients' dad to come so he can be discharged.

I am thinking about applying for another job. One of the nurse educators and all around well respected people in the hospital, also the limb viablity nurse and one of only a few orthopedic certified nurses here at the hospital sent me an email telling me about a position opening up and recommended that I look into it. I did, and I am a little interested, so I am going to apply. As she said, I can always apply and go through the process and turn it down if it starts to sound like something I don't want to do. It could be good though. I was a little (okay, a lot) scared about it, but Ethan pepped me up, so I am going to revamp my resume and see how it goes. I am sorta qualified in that I have been a presenter at the Ortho core curriculum conferences several times, I am trying to get ortho certified, and I like to learn new things and teach things, but I am also not qualified in that public speaking terrifies me and everytime I present at ortho core I feel absolutely terrible and worry about fainting or peeing myself or something else bad until I am done speaking. And, the job requests 5 years nursing experience, and I only have 3.5. But Joanie says she thinks I would be a good canditate, so we shall see.

Last regular season Sonics game is tonight. We gotta get a win to clinch the division title. This is our easiest game left, so we better just get it overwith. Should be a good time. I have tomorrow off, too, so that will be nice. My least thing about the 730 start time games is that they get over so late, and when you have to get up at 5 something in the am for work, that sucks!

Still doing the scrapbook thing, but I am running out of pictures that I like or have an interest in scrapping. Maybe some kind soul will send me pictures that look awesome for me to scrap...... I am still doing that scrapbook class at and having fun with it. My layout of the photo shoot with Raegan is my favorit one so far for the class, I think. I like the soft colors in the picture and the whole layout. THe theme/focus for this week was a layout with unity, where everything seems to really belong together. I have gotten good feedback, so far.

Well, that patient really needs to get going. I'm going to go motivate him to get ready to go, so I will have to update this later. I just wanted to set an example to all the other blog owners out there that never update their blogs---it is so nice to read what you have to say! I love checking them out and seeing what you are doing or how your kids are growing or just how cute they are. You get to see them every day and probably don't appreciate the cuteness of them as much as me who does not get to see them hardly at all, so those pictures and posts are really important to me. I don't want to feel like I am totally missing out on everything!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

West wall with our big screen TV that fits perfectly into the former closet, custom seahawks hole cover over the TV to hide the gaping hole above it, sonics towel, mini sonics basketball hoops.

North wall with bobblehead shelf, sonics posters, banners, seahawks clock, all our former season tickets, towels, hallmark NBA ornaments, signed hakeem olajuwon jersey

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

East wall with seahawks blanket over sonics championship blanket, randomness on the walls

South wall, with our autographed Ray Allen Jersey, seahawks light switch, sonics clock, many NFL and NBA cards, sonics lamp, shelfes with bobbleheads, lunchboxes, mini helmets, nesting dolls, luke-in-the-box, bookcase with tons of hologram cups, helmet, autographed mini basketballs, etc


Sunday, April 10, 2005

So, our dinner went very well last night, except for the fact that we were late, which was entirely Ethan's fault. Lets just say that he is not much of a stickler for being on time, whereas I feel crummy walking in late, although it is occasionally my fault as well. Anyway, we had a very nice dinner. The theme was mexican (how appropriate, since we are planning to take a mexican vacation together), and they had delicious chips with cheese salsa, spicy bean dip, and a really good cream chees chipotle dip that I MUST get the recipe for. Actually, it was probably not good for me, so maybe I won't...........maybe.....We had chicken do-it-yourself burritoes with lots of choices for toppings, and it was just very nice. I particularly enjoyed the fresh cilantro. I have never had it not in a restaurant, and it was very good. I even had a margarita to top things off. So it sounds like Justin and Kim want to go for 5 or 7 nights. We (Ethan and I) are definitely going for 7 nights, and we want to go to the riu club jalisco. Go to and look up the puerta vallarta hotel riu club jalisco for pictures and great info. Not too spendy, but looks really nice. A bit pricier than some other places, but still in our budget.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Working again today.....8 hours, and 8 more tomorrow. Yes, I know I am breaking my cardinal rule against days in a row, but I switched with two different people who needed days off, so here I am. I had three days off this week together, so that was nice. I am going off to Nordstrom Rack after work with Felma, which should be fun. She swears they have great sales and are quite cheap, so we shall see. This evening Ethan and I are meeting up with Justin and Kim for dinner. We are told it will be some sort of chicken dish, so that will be nice.

What else. I know there was something that was irritating me that I wanted to write about....... Nope, still can't remember.....Anyway, work is going fine, thanks for asking, and it is a good group of nurses working this weekend. That helps. Oh, that is it--I was so irritated this morning! The bus is supposed to be at a time stop at 607am, which is like 4 stops before my stop. I was at my stop at 606am, which should give me like 5 minutes warning (maybe 3, but STILL, warning), and NO BUS CAME! I stood there for 25 minutes before giving up. With the ridiculous gas prices these days, I had to go home, wake up poor Ethan, who is having some sort of strange sinus allergy issues, and he drove me to work using up like $10 worth of gas. Public transportation needs to be reliable! That is so irritating. Maybe a minute or so late is okay, even 5 minutes. But not to come at all--that means it must have been really early, since I can see the street where the bus goes as I walk up, and I did not see it. That means it went by before 604am, which is not cool. It is supposed to stop at the time point and wait there if it is running early. People depend on these buses to get to work, and it really irritates me that someone could screw up my schedule that way.

I feel better now.

What else....eventually, the Sonics will clinch the division title. Hopfully tonight against Denver. We are missing like half our team, which can get a bit tricky, but there is always hope.

We paid for our playoff tickets. Gulp. Almost as much as our regular season tickets. But, I suppose, worth it. We are SO looking forward to the start of the Storm Season. First game is May 21, and they will raise the championship banner and it will be awesome. I forgot how amazing it was when we won. Just out of this world. Makes you wonder how it is possible NOT to be a sports fan. It is so nice to be in a stadium where everyone is rooting for the home team and just pushing for them to go further. I love it. I get caught up in all the emotions of it. I even brought a sign one game, in the finals. The officiating had been horrible all series, really blatantly bad, so I brought a sign that said 'blown call meter', and after every blown call, I added another line. People kept yelling to have me add another line, or saying that a certain play should qualify, etc. It was fun.

Jobie is going to a Storm game with me, because he dared to mock me for going. We sit in row 5 just off courtside, near the freethrow line. Awesome seats. You can't not love them after watching a game from there!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Back again. Not much to say today. Lots of looking for beach houses. I have found several that are very nice and big enough for us all, but am still having some problems finding one that is big enough and also right on the beach (my preference), so I will keep looking.

We went to see Guess Who yesterday. It was funnier and had a little more drama/heart to it than I expected. It is supposed to be a sort of remake of the 1960's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, starring Sidney Pointier, but I know it is not even close to being true to the original. I should rent the original. It is supposed to be great. Very groundbreaking for its time. Anyway.