Sunday, April 10, 2005

So, our dinner went very well last night, except for the fact that we were late, which was entirely Ethan's fault. Lets just say that he is not much of a stickler for being on time, whereas I feel crummy walking in late, although it is occasionally my fault as well. Anyway, we had a very nice dinner. The theme was mexican (how appropriate, since we are planning to take a mexican vacation together), and they had delicious chips with cheese salsa, spicy bean dip, and a really good cream chees chipotle dip that I MUST get the recipe for. Actually, it was probably not good for me, so maybe I won't...........maybe.....We had chicken do-it-yourself burritoes with lots of choices for toppings, and it was just very nice. I particularly enjoyed the fresh cilantro. I have never had it not in a restaurant, and it was very good. I even had a margarita to top things off. So it sounds like Justin and Kim want to go for 5 or 7 nights. We (Ethan and I) are definitely going for 7 nights, and we want to go to the riu club jalisco. Go to and look up the puerta vallarta hotel riu club jalisco for pictures and great info. Not too spendy, but looks really nice. A bit pricier than some other places, but still in our budget.

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