Saturday, April 09, 2005

Working again today.....8 hours, and 8 more tomorrow. Yes, I know I am breaking my cardinal rule against days in a row, but I switched with two different people who needed days off, so here I am. I had three days off this week together, so that was nice. I am going off to Nordstrom Rack after work with Felma, which should be fun. She swears they have great sales and are quite cheap, so we shall see. This evening Ethan and I are meeting up with Justin and Kim for dinner. We are told it will be some sort of chicken dish, so that will be nice.

What else. I know there was something that was irritating me that I wanted to write about....... Nope, still can't remember.....Anyway, work is going fine, thanks for asking, and it is a good group of nurses working this weekend. That helps. Oh, that is it--I was so irritated this morning! The bus is supposed to be at a time stop at 607am, which is like 4 stops before my stop. I was at my stop at 606am, which should give me like 5 minutes warning (maybe 3, but STILL, warning), and NO BUS CAME! I stood there for 25 minutes before giving up. With the ridiculous gas prices these days, I had to go home, wake up poor Ethan, who is having some sort of strange sinus allergy issues, and he drove me to work using up like $10 worth of gas. Public transportation needs to be reliable! That is so irritating. Maybe a minute or so late is okay, even 5 minutes. But not to come at all--that means it must have been really early, since I can see the street where the bus goes as I walk up, and I did not see it. That means it went by before 604am, which is not cool. It is supposed to stop at the time point and wait there if it is running early. People depend on these buses to get to work, and it really irritates me that someone could screw up my schedule that way.

I feel better now.

What else....eventually, the Sonics will clinch the division title. Hopfully tonight against Denver. We are missing like half our team, which can get a bit tricky, but there is always hope.

We paid for our playoff tickets. Gulp. Almost as much as our regular season tickets. But, I suppose, worth it. We are SO looking forward to the start of the Storm Season. First game is May 21, and they will raise the championship banner and it will be awesome. I forgot how amazing it was when we won. Just out of this world. Makes you wonder how it is possible NOT to be a sports fan. It is so nice to be in a stadium where everyone is rooting for the home team and just pushing for them to go further. I love it. I get caught up in all the emotions of it. I even brought a sign one game, in the finals. The officiating had been horrible all series, really blatantly bad, so I brought a sign that said 'blown call meter', and after every blown call, I added another line. People kept yelling to have me add another line, or saying that a certain play should qualify, etc. It was fun.

Jobie is going to a Storm game with me, because he dared to mock me for going. We sit in row 5 just off courtside, near the freethrow line. Awesome seats. You can't not love them after watching a game from there!

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Hope you dinner went well!