Friday, April 15, 2005

New post

Okay, so here I am again. Writing in my blog. I don't have to actually have anything to write about to add a post, I just have to have the time and energy to type. I am at work, but I worked yesterday for 12 hours and I am only here for 8 today, and I have the same patients, so I have time. I already know the patients and what they are like and what I need to do, so I have them all squared away and I am just waiting for one of my patients' dad to come so he can be discharged.

I am thinking about applying for another job. One of the nurse educators and all around well respected people in the hospital, also the limb viablity nurse and one of only a few orthopedic certified nurses here at the hospital sent me an email telling me about a position opening up and recommended that I look into it. I did, and I am a little interested, so I am going to apply. As she said, I can always apply and go through the process and turn it down if it starts to sound like something I don't want to do. It could be good though. I was a little (okay, a lot) scared about it, but Ethan pepped me up, so I am going to revamp my resume and see how it goes. I am sorta qualified in that I have been a presenter at the Ortho core curriculum conferences several times, I am trying to get ortho certified, and I like to learn new things and teach things, but I am also not qualified in that public speaking terrifies me and everytime I present at ortho core I feel absolutely terrible and worry about fainting or peeing myself or something else bad until I am done speaking. And, the job requests 5 years nursing experience, and I only have 3.5. But Joanie says she thinks I would be a good canditate, so we shall see.

Last regular season Sonics game is tonight. We gotta get a win to clinch the division title. This is our easiest game left, so we better just get it overwith. Should be a good time. I have tomorrow off, too, so that will be nice. My least thing about the 730 start time games is that they get over so late, and when you have to get up at 5 something in the am for work, that sucks!

Still doing the scrapbook thing, but I am running out of pictures that I like or have an interest in scrapping. Maybe some kind soul will send me pictures that look awesome for me to scrap...... I am still doing that scrapbook class at and having fun with it. My layout of the photo shoot with Raegan is my favorit one so far for the class, I think. I like the soft colors in the picture and the whole layout. THe theme/focus for this week was a layout with unity, where everything seems to really belong together. I have gotten good feedback, so far.

Well, that patient really needs to get going. I'm going to go motivate him to get ready to go, so I will have to update this later. I just wanted to set an example to all the other blog owners out there that never update their blogs---it is so nice to read what you have to say! I love checking them out and seeing what you are doing or how your kids are growing or just how cute they are. You get to see them every day and probably don't appreciate the cuteness of them as much as me who does not get to see them hardly at all, so those pictures and posts are really important to me. I don't want to feel like I am totally missing out on everything!

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So what is the new job doing? Exciting!