Thursday, October 27, 2005


Okay, I know you guys are creative. I need ideas for Halloween costumes for Ethan and I. We (I) strongly suspect that there will be Halloween festivities come Monday, and we want to dress up. Something not too hard, no face paint involved. Ideas?? We always have that old standby of wearing scrubs around with face masks and syringes and being doctors/nurses, but we have done that so often, it is getting boring!!!
Okay......more information

We are staying at the Riu Jalisco all-inclusive resort in Nueva Vallarta (about 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta). The nice thing about this particular resort for families (alas, not us....) is that they have deals where kids under age 12 stay free. Yes, that is right. For one low price, you get a room, all you can eat and activities galore for the whole family. There are activities off the resort that you can pay for (run by other companies), for snorkelling tours, hikes, scuba, etc. These cost extra, but all activities on the resort (boogie boarding, they have a small snorkel trip, other non-motorized activities) are included. Very stress free.

We have not yet booked a trip, but I want to do the all day snorkel trip to the Marietas Islands, which is supposed to be just awesome. I want to do it Tuesday or Thursday, but any day would be great. This and many other tours are through a company called Vallarta Adventures (I think their website is ) We want to book something tomorrow from home, since you save 10% or more. Should be a ton of fun!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gotta add SOMETHING on here......
So....Okay, we are going to Puerto Vallarta on Saturday, which should be tons of fun. I am SO looking forward to this. A whole week in warmness with no responsibilities and no work and no stress other than finding the swim-up bar and remembering when our flight home is. So nice! We are trying to get a room on the 5th floor, since the elevators are few and far between, and the exercise would be good for us, what with all the food and drink everywhere.
Before we go, we need to book a side trip. Ethan and I had an awesome time in Jamaica on our mountain bike trip through the Blue mountains, and want to do another all-day trip. There is a snorkeling trip that is all day and involves a 45 minute boat ride out to the Marietas Islands where there is supposed to be wonderful snorkeling. Or, there are also some hiking trips up to a waterfall, things like that. With Justin and Kim, we are definitely going snorkeling, and I think we will be doing a canopy zip-line tour too, which should be fun.
Look for tons of pictures of me (hopefully not too magenta) and Ethan and Justin and Kim and palm trees.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Since I haven't updated in forever, I feel I should post on here quickly to say that I have put up a bunch of pictures (of my cats) on my digital crafts blog. If you are interested.....

Not much going on up here with us..., although we are getting more and more excited about moving. I had an 'aha' moment yesterday, and we realized that we can buy a brand NEW home, if we want. I had been skipping these in, but now I am realizing that that would be awesome! We could pick colors for paint and woodwork and carpet and everything. There are no new homes in the Seattle city limits, but there are plenty out in Renton, and we found one that would be PERFECT in Tukwila, which is closer than Renton and an easy commute to Seattle. It was I think 2400 square feet, with 4 bedrooms upstairs along with 2 full bathrooms, and another half-bath downstairs off the kitchen. It has a living and family room, along with a bonus room with double french doors that we could use as a sports room. AND a nice attached garage. I am not sure of the lot size, though. We require some sort of a yard, so I can send the kids outside to play, rather than having to go to a park or something. I don't want any excuses as to why they can't go outside and need to stay inside playing video games. Actually, I am not entirely sure whether the kids will be allowed to play or even have a video game system. Don't need it, not educational/beneficial, maybe no................

The kitties were so good yesterday! I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the redness showing up in their fur in the pictures (note: they are black, not red at all), even after I do a color cast fix. But, I will get it figured out. I like how the pictures show up very high key, because of the black fur and white background. Very cool! Still need to do some editing, but for the most part I like them. My favorite is the one with Boo yawning!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

MOOOVIIEE!!! What a fake cry face! These are some of my favorite all-time pictures of Morgan. She REALLY wanted to watch a movie!


Mom and the girls with a new head pasted on

Mom and Raegan...I edited her a bunch..I will add the before picture. I had to clone her left eye to replace the right one, since there was a big glare on her glasses that did not look nice

Mom and the girls

kissing cousins

laughing at their mommies

Happy girl!

Less distracting background

Original photo

No more hat!

What a fun toy!

No, the balloon did not pop

Birthday girl in the birthday hat!!

How cute are those pigtails!?!

Eating my lens cap


Fixed her leg and removed the glaring blanket

Original photo

Bright version

Bright Pastel version

Monday, October 03, 2005

A couple-o pictures from Raegan's birthday party....(unedited, I will edit them and crop them and make them nice later...this is just a few I grabbed, there may be others that are better, I just didn't want to rotate the turned ones, so I only have a few of those....)





Scary Polly Pocket!!