Thursday, October 27, 2005


Okay, I know you guys are creative. I need ideas for Halloween costumes for Ethan and I. We (I) strongly suspect that there will be Halloween festivities come Monday, and we want to dress up. Something not too hard, no face paint involved. Ideas?? We always have that old standby of wearing scrubs around with face masks and syringes and being doctors/nurses, but we have done that so often, it is getting boring!!!


Davinie said...

I'm sure you have tons of sports paraphenelia. Dress up as an obsessed fan or something.

Mama-Beans said...

Or go as a Pirate and a Parrot... ( YOU being the parrot, Alyca)
Maybe find a burlap bag, cut arm and head holes, and go as a bag of nuts?

alyca said...

Umm....why do I have to be the parrot?? AND, maybe Ethan should be the bag of nuts. I can be the almond joy (no nuts)

Actually, I am thinking of being Miss America. I have a tiara and a fancy dress, just need to make a sash.

Or I could be a nurse again.

Or get some gauze from the hospital and be a mummy.
Its gotta be easy and packable. Sports fan would go well, easy to pack, and I KNOW we have all the stuff!!

Mama-Beans said...

Almond Joy has nuts. Mounds don't. I saw a show recently where they went as a pirate and parrot, and it was SUCH a great costume! Just an over-the-top frilly colorful dress for you ( something like that white one you wore to prom.. sophomore year? died lime green or bright orange... Value Villiage) and a head band with a feather sticking out of the top ( beak just pointy painted lipstick) and he wore a dread-lock wig with bandanna ( Ethan could just go with the bandanna, less to pack), clip-on earring, cutoffs, white shirt wrinkled and unbuttoned a way, belt, fake sword.. and eyeliner all smudged. Looked very Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Carribbean. Living vicariously, and all that.

Davinie said...

Hey!!!! How was Mexico! Do they even celebrate Halloween down there?

Oh, and P.S. You've been spammed! It's about time! :)