Tuesday, March 28, 2006


We think the house is sold again. Well, the condo. We think. It has passed inspection, and they have signed off on the resale certificate (the thing that made the last deal fall through), and we just have to wait for them to get funding (a loan). If they can't get a loan, obviously it falls through. But just about anyone with a job should qualify for enough to buy the condo, so it should be fine.

And in other news....actually, nothing. Work, home, work, home. Oh, Mom is coming up here again on Friday to help us out with our trim and to design my scrapbook room for me. I already bought about half of the trim and stained it, need to buy the other half and stain it then seal them all, then I need to spackle up the walls and repaint the areas that I spackle, and that is about it. Lots-o-fun. Actually, staining was pretty fun. Much better than painting, anyway!!

The kitties are about to be entered into a Harborview pet contest, and they will TOTALLY win. Have you seen the pictures I have of my babies?!? Of course you have.....just scroll down and they are on this blog several times. We are gonna blow them away. Ethan will enter one and I will enter the other, and the first place animal gets a $100 gift certificate to PetCo and second place gets a $75 gift certificate. We are gonna win both!!!


Davinie said...

You have taken some great photos.... so I say you have a couple of great chances! Your "kids" pose better than mine does! Good luck!

Mama-Beans said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll win. Your cats could be UGLY and you'd still win just because of the great photos you have of them.. now add in that you have cutie-pie kitties and you're a shoe-in!

Hope this deal goes through for you! Will be nice to get that closing check in hand so you can pay off those credit cards!