Friday, February 11, 2005


Friday. Another day off. I spent a lot of the day today playing with Photoshop, as you can see with the pictures I have uploaded today. Pretty cool.

Sonics are playing Phoenix right now, and are up 85-81 in the 4th with 11 minutes to play. This would be such a big win! We beat Sacramento last night, although we had to leave the stadium midway through the 4th quarter. Ethan had to be at harborview by 10pm for some overtime he was working. But I listened to the game on the radio, and it ended great. Looking good tonight, too. Suns are a tough team, so this could be a really big one for us.

What else am I up to.....went to Gig Harbor yesterday for a bit of scrapbooking with Sabrina. Actually didn't get much done, but it was nice to see Sabrina and Raegan and Papa. Papa showed me a bunch of his pictures of the progress he is making on his boat. Looking really good. It will be pretty cool to see once it is all finished. He seems to really enjoy doing it. I know it is always cooler to have something nice that you did yourself, rather than just something you buy. At the Storm season ticket holders party last October, they had autograph lines, and I brought along some picture I had taken and had the player sign them. That was pretty cool. Much cooler than buying a picture or something for them to sign. It means a lot more to me this way. Haven't put the pictures up anywhere yet, because the poor sports room is just jam packed. They are safely tucked away in the cedar chest (which, by the way, happens to now be located IN the sports room. So I guess they are close. Although, technically, they are in the cedar chest that has all my scrapbooking stuff in it. Sort of a non-sports territory in the heart of the sports kingdom in there. But they fit, either way. The scrapbooking stuff was all banished by Ethan to the chest. I actually was the one who put everything there, but it was his idea. It fits in there, barely, and really was not appropriate for the sports room. But now I have to take everything off the top of the chest, open it up, pry out all the stuff I want to use, then close the lid and put the lamp back on top and really it has been such a mess that I haven't done any scrapbooking at all since moving the stuff. Maybe that was Ethan's goal.......)

Anyway, the pictures were cool. Enterprise is starting right now, and I am taping it in the living room while watching the game in the bedroom. Ethan should be home soon, and we will finish the game, then watch Battlestar Gallactica on the big screen, then Enterprise in the bedroom. We both have tomorrow off, so maybe we will stay up for a movie. Ethan is probably tired though. He worked 630am to 3pm, then slept 330 to 6pm, then Sonics from 730-10, then overtime work from 10pm to 2am, slept until 4am when someone walked into the lockshop forgetting he was sleeping there, then lay there until 630am when he started working again until 3pm. Then off to the bar for beer friday with the guys, then left at halftime and should be here momentarily. I figure he had 45 minutes of sleep, altogether. Probably no movie tonight.

Ooh--Sonics are up 101-92 with 5.5 minutes left to play. Looking good!

I am thinking of taking a photography class. One of the nurses at work is doing the same. Maybe we will take one together. I think Harborview will pay for it if we go to UW or a community college here. Although, UW does not have anything tailored for people who just want to dabble in amateur photography. I will have to search a bit. I have a great camera, but still need a lot of instruction on how to use it.

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