Sunday, February 13, 2005


Working 8 hours today, and I am actually on an ortho floor, despite the fact that there are only 8 patients on the 6th floor (I am on the 5th floor ortho today). Good day so far, and I am off in another hour. I have a patient with body substance isolation precautions, which means that I have to put on booties, a hair cover, a mask with eye shield, a long plastic gown, and gloves to enter the room. Kind of a pain, but the patient is nice, so it is okay.
We are going to the Sonics game tonight at 5pm, so we are heading out from work. I brought my Ray Allen jersey here, and some jeans. I think we will stop at Michelangelos for a drink or two before the game. It is in the Seattle center, so no worries about driving afterwards. We are playing Dallas, which should be a great game. Another test for the surging Sonics.

Okay, I have been putting off my charting for long enough. I better go get it done, so I can leave on time. And one more trip into infection land to clear out the numbers in his pump before I go, so I should budget 20 minutes or so for that.

Wish the Sonics luck! Ethan is starting to say 'finals' now, instead of playoffs, and we are sorta glad we have our anniversary without a trip, because if the sonics are in the finals, we would have cancelled a trip, anyway..............

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Mama-Beans said...

Hope you had a < b>Happy Valentines Day!