Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Well, I did not end up cutting Ethan's hair last night. So, no breaking news. The Sonics did win in blowout fashion. As expected. We even got to see the coaches cigar (rookie Robert Swift). He scored a single point with 23 seconds left, but the applause was thunderous when he entered the game with 2 minutes left. Pretty neat. Our next home game is Thursday, against Sacramento (I think).
Thinking about taking our Mexican vacation in late October instead of November, since Sonics season starts in November, and we could work it out to miss a Seahawks away game. Don't really care about the preseason Sonics games, so that wouldn't be an issues. Oh, the woes of being a season ticket holder for year-round sports.
Working 12 hours today, then a whopping 3 days off, in a row, followed by 8 hours on Sunday, then Monday off. Yippee!
I must figure out a valentines day gift of sorts for Ethan. We don't generally celebrate Valentines day (Hallmark holiday. I will choose when and where to be romantic and focused on my relationship, thank you very much), but this year he is being really secretive and I am not allowed to look in the trunk of the car or at the Visa statement online, so I am assuming he bought me something, and I don't want to sit there with no stufffor him. So what do I get?? Suggestions are welcomed! If it were me, I would get some flowers or something easy like that, but I know Ethan could care less about flowers (actually, I don't really like them all that much. They die quickly, the cats want to eat them, and they generally just add to the amount of garbage that must be removed from my house. I swear, we create more garbage than a family of 5. But, I digress.....;)
So I need to find a gift. A nurse here at work suggested going to Lovers Package and getting creative. We'll see. This is the same nurse who loaned me her straight iron for my hair. I ended up buying one of my own. I didn't do as good a job as the stylist did in the salon, but it looked pretty good. I just have to figure out what she put in my hair to make it so anti frizzy. I can get it completely straight, but there is a hint of frizz. Not a lot, but a hint, and that irritated me a little.
So. Since I am so into editing pictures, I would be happy to have you send me a picture or two that needs a little help. Send me the raw, unedited picture. Put it in .jpg form and don't let your photo editor shrink it. A bmp works too, but is much larger to attach to an email, and will get shrunk down. If you don't know how to change a .bmp to a .jpg, you can get a free program off the 'net by going to google and searching for a converting program. There are many out there. The bigger the picture is when I get it, the more editing that can be done without it being noticeable. And, remember--I am not a professional, I am just learning and experimenting with this, but I will do my best. Come on, it will be fun!

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Mama-Beans said...

In south center there is a store " Amour on the Boulevard" you can see it from the freeway.. it is a subisidy ( sp) of Lovers Package.. Get some sexy lingerie for you, and a disposible camera for him. I know this sounds a little on the kinky side, but this was a gift I gave once several years ago, and to this day he still thanks me for it. I just made rules as to what type of pictures I'd pose for ( so that if I'm ever rich and famous they won't do much harm if the poparazzi get them) and let him be the boss from that point on. Get a fun fancy little photo album to save his favorites in and there you go! All guys like Playboy, so this is a way for him to have his fantasy photos, and they are of his WIFE!!! Another option is to get the outfit, and have a friend come over a few days before to take boudoire photos ( posed and decent, maybe a little naughty) and give him a box, and inside is the outfit, laying on top of the photos ( or album of photos) of you IN the outfit. Very sexy. and safe, if you are a little shy posing LIVE for your guy. Beleive me, he will LOVE the idea of slightly naughty pictures of his honey.