Monday, February 07, 2005


So, on to the superbowl party. Of course, after several weeks of dry, warmer than normal weather, it was raining all day Sunday, and pretty chilly out. After much discussion, Ethan and I decided to bring our honey BBQ chicken wings and a 6 3/4 layer dip and chips, and that was it. Justin called and asked us to bring ice and 4 chairs and a garbage can to put the keg in, so we added that, too. We were the first arrivees at the party, and helped with the food setup and got good parking. Justin had stadium seating set up ,which consisted of a couch up on cinderblocks behind his regular futon, with two couches set up on the sides. There was also a TV in the basement with 6-8 chairs around it, a TV in the kitchen by the food, and a TV in the bathroom aimed perfectly at the toilet. So, no one missed a moment.
After all that, the Superbowl kinda sucked. Lots of poor play, turnovers etc. Then again you watched it.........the commercials really sucked except for the investment ones that say don't judge too quickly--those were cute. We had a betting pool for the scores with a $2 per square buy in, and random assignment of numbers. Basically, we put in $12 total for 6 squares, and if the number assigned to your square is the same as the score at the end of a quarter or the finals score you win money. I had the square with a 4 for the Patriots and a 1 for the Eagles, so I won $95 at the end. Actually, it was $93 because someone was a deadbeat and did not pay, but I was too happy to really care. That covered our dip, ice, gas for the car, chips, etc, and lunches for this week. Woohoo.

Oh, and it is Trekkie, not trekky, and no, I am not one. Trekkies are strange people who seem to really think that Star Trek is real. There is a movie out that shows this quite well. I am an appreciator of science fiction in general, which included star trek, among many other things.

I will post again later today, since I am on the 6th floor and there are only 7 patients with 2 nurses here. We will get tons of admits later, but for now it is a bit slow. Better to get some stamina built up for that evening push! I have tomorrow off, so no matter how bad it gets, I can keep that in the back of my head. (that is the reason why I choose to work day on-day off rather than days in a row, fyi.)

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