Monday, February 07, 2005

More Monday

Okay, officially busy. Of course, we get screwed just as I am trying to head to lunch. My lunch buddy was just finishing up her lunch when I got a call for her to get report on a post-op patient she was getting, then I got a call a minute later for my patient, then another call for her other patient, then my two hand patients were ready to discharge. All at once. So I discharged one, admitted the other, then discharged my last guy (actually, he is getting a splint put on right now, but he already has all his paperwork and everything, and I don't need to see him again before he leaves.). I admitted my new pt, who of course has pain issues and the MD's won't call back. Story of my life. They never call back (except ortho). This evening, we are having only 2 nurses still, so the rest of the admissions are mine and Lisa (the evening RN)'s. Yuck. But, I am off tomorrow. I have one patient who has been here all day, (actually had him last week for 3 days), and one who just got here, and will probably get 3 more. Maybe 2, but probably 3. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Admissions suck. You have to figure them out quickly, get them into bed, get them all set up with everything they need, find family, coordinate with pharmacy to get their meds here, call for their belongings to be brought up, teach them about their call light, and inevitably give them something for pain and nausea. Then, you can relax for a bit. Ick. Oh, well. I am off tomorrow!!!

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