Monday, August 06, 2007

We went out on Kim and Erica's boat with them for Seafair Saturday. What a blast! There were a billion other boats out there jockeying for the best position to watch the airshow. We were in the midst of it all and had an awesome view. The boats are all so close together they have water balloon fights and super soaker attacks on each other. No hard feelings anywhere--the college kids are throwing at the little old ladies who are wielding super soakers. Lots of fun!
After the airshow, we headed up to the northern end of the lake where there were no boats and it was calmer. Kim and Erica showed us their tried and true method of floating in the lake with a beer. It involves two lifejackets and at least one friend to hand you the beer,and was tons of fun. We stayed out until about 9pm then headed for home.

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