Sunday, January 20, 2008

For all of those not in the know (which is everyone). My computer is crapping out and it no longer recognizes the keyboard. So, to type I have to either copy and paste letters from a website into where ever I want to type (which takes eons), or type on my laptop then open up that file on my desktop computer and copy and paste as needed. Fun, fun, fun. This is copied from the laptop because I am not a glutton for punishment. So, if I don't reply to an email or comment on a blog, this is why. Eventually the computer will just die off enough that we will replace it. Maybe tomorrow. Until then, I will do the email/blog stuff mostly from work. Got it?

Actually, our new mortgage just went through and we got an unexpected check from overpaying the escrow for our old mortgage, so we really should just go out and get another computer, but we are cheap and lazy and not yet prepared to do that.

I dazzled you with my literary prowess in the description of my scraproom, and I am now procrastinating my scrapping by giving you a visual companion to that (for all you visual learners). Prepare to be amazed! I would welcome ANY suggestions for organizationalness and reorienting of things in my little room. I LOVE to organize, and I am still in need of help.....

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15minL8 said...

Wow! You are organized! I love how you covered the spice names with pretty paper.... I keep my little bits in a test tube rack and now I think they need a little pretty paper collar! For your ribbon, you might want to consider ribbon rings. They hang on a wall hook and take up zero space. I have one ring for each color of ribbon (I am a ribbon addict). I got mine at if you want to check them out!