Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have been spending a certain amount of time here looking up all sorts of things. Very addictive. Get just a little bit of information from a family member, like someone's birthplace, and all of a sudden you are finding all sorts of records and information about your ancestors. Sometimes I find their occupation listed (we have plumbers, farmers and even a fireman on a locomotive, as well as dry cleaner-owners, tailors and laundresses), sometimes the cause of death. Sometimes random things, like the fact that in 1947 Claudine Couch, my great-great-grandmother, went to Bermuda with her daughter at the age of 69. Just the two of them. Must have been the trip of a lifetime!

Come check it out! If you have info, I am happy to add it in, and if you want to add pictures to people, click on the link you were emailed and it will let you add stories and pictures on people. (Let me know if you did not get an email)

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Anonymous said...

I never heard of a Claudine.My grandmother's name was Linda[Burch]
Couch,born in Ky.died in Cynthiana,Ohio,1960's. Cinthiana not sure of spelling.
Love Gramie