Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saturday was my fifth wedding anniversary. Ethan and I are not big celebrators of pretty much anythings, which I think is fairly well known. It just feels kinda silly to buy each other things.....with our own money. Like me buying Ethan a gift for $50, he sees the money come out of the account, he worked to GET that money...just feels kinda silly.

So. Not big celebrators. That having been said, we DO like to do nice things for each other, and spend TIME with each other, rather than money ON each other. Does that make sense?? Sorta?

Anyway. We spent the day together. It was (finally!!) a nice day out, so we drove over to Lincoln Park, past the Hall at Fauntleroy where we were married. Parked in a disabled parking spot, then strolled along the path all the way to the saltwater pool at the far end. Stopped a lot, since it was Ethan's first offical day of being off crutches (he sorta weaned himself off over the week, but stopped altogether on Saturday). Had a really nice chat about where we are in life and where we see ourselves in the future. A beautiful day with my beautiful husband.

Afterwards, we rented a movie at Blockbuster, then got dressed up and headet out to Salty's on Alki for dinner. A very good seafood restaurant with million dollar views of downtown. A bit $$$, but totally worth it. I had the filet mignon and Ethan had the Copper river salmon, supposed to be the best salmon out there. Delicious.

Came home afterwards, watched the movie (which was crappy.....National Treasure:Book of Secrets. The first one was goofy, but this one is pretty dumb), and hung out. My most favorite thing to do is be at home, hanging out with Ethan. And that is why we are still happy after five years.

I looked up the traditional and modern anniversary gifts, and found that the traditional gift was wood, and the modern gift was a clock. Ethan decided to think outside the box and give me a cold instead, so I spent Sunday lounging around and being tired while he went out on a boat with some friends.

All in all, a great weekend. Ethan's birthday is today, and unless he makes some last minute plans, we are celebrating by.....watching a NASA special we have recorded on our DVR. I know it is not what ALL couples do, but it is what WE do....and I like it this way.

I think sometimes about how Mom always wanted gifts that we MADE for each other. I kinda feel that way, too. I want to DO things for Ethan, or spend time MAKING something for him. We go on vacations with our gift money and spend TIME with each other. So much more special than something he could wrap up and hand me. Although I have already told him that someday I would like another ring for my right hand. Someday.


Bump Fairy said...

Oop, late! Happy Anniversary! and Happy Birthday!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad the sun is out again... and will hopefully stay out all weekend. Do you guys like cooking? If so we're having a salmon recipe contest. The prize? 15 Pounds of Wild Salmon (in three separate 5-lb. shipments over the summer). Since you liked the Copper River Salmon at Salty's so well, thought you might dig this. Check it out at

Anonymous said...

and a big hi 5
love Gramie.
p.s. the otc works good I only need one.