Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yesterday, the Sonics and the city of Seattle announced a last second deal. The Sonics go to OKC in exchange for....pretty much nothing. The deal makes no sense.

After a week of 90+ degree weather, hot, sunny and muggy; they announced this deal and the clouds rolled in and the sky opened up and the rain poured down. Almost as though the city was crying; mourning the loss of this 41 year old franchise. The rain came down, then thunder and lightning flashed and boomed overhead. It continues today.

This is a truly sad time. To have a beloved team ripped away like this, to hear the gloating coming from OKC. It just makes me think back to a year or so ago when Lauren Jackson (before the Storm was sold to local owners) said that if the team moved to OKC, she would retire from the WNBA. The best female player on the planet. She says Seattle reminds her of Sydney, she is accepted and loved here, and she is not going. She was still under contract and could have moved to try to be traded, but she flat out said she was retiring. Much love for that, Lauren.

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