Sunday, August 31, 2008

I feel compelled to make a political statement, although I suspect the readers of my blog lean differently than I do. But I still feel compelled.

If the Republicans win this election in November, womens rights take a hit. I am concerned. I do not think abortion is a great thing, I do not think it should be used as a form of birth control. But in cases of rape or incest?? When there is a diagnosis of something like anencephaly (no brain present, dies at the moment of birth). They are pushing a platform which allows for NO exceptions. Not when the life of the mother is at stake, not ever. This bothers me. There was a case in Mexico months ago with a 13 year old rape/incest victim who left her country to go to neighboring Guatemala to have an abortion, since it was illegal in Mexico. Really?? We want to go along with that?? We want to make a 13 year old victim endure a pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood?? That is fair??? We are re-victimizing that poor child.
There was news a few days ago about a new Washington law that gives more prison time/stronger sentencing to rapists whose act results in a pregancy--they say that this is deserved because the victim must now endure either the agony of abortion, childbirth, adoption, etc. A man now faces much extended sentencing in these instances.

I know that the governor from Alaska is a staunch pro-life supporter. But to give no respite to women and girls who have been victimized already is just plain wrong.

So. I know I am voting in this election. I know whose ideals most closely resemble my own. I know the changes I am hoping for in the coming years. I am ready to start celebrating this country again, rather than being ashamed of the decisions that have been made. Just remember this issue when you go to cast your ballot.

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Actually, I agree!