Sunday, November 02, 2008

My fellow Americans; citizens of the world. We stand today on the brink of a new era. In two short days, the United States will choose a new president to lead this great nation for the next four years. This president will be considered one of the leaders of the free world, and his decisions will have an impact that lasts our lifetime.

History books will someday talk of these days, when this country was so divided and turbulent, and we really didn't know which way our nation was heading. When economic troubles were so dire, we heard daily stories of suicides related to people losing their homes, their livelihoods or their financial standing.

How will history remember us? As the generation who complained and blogged and discussed all that was wrong with our country, or as the generation who stepped up, cast our votes and DID something about it?? Will this be another year of apathy, with only one third of eligible voters actually casting their vote??

Regardless of the outcome of this presidential election, this country is heading into an epic era. Will this be the next Great Depression?? Will we lose our place as the most powerful nation on earth, as the leaders of the free world? Only time will tell. But you can take YOUR place in those history books. See yourself in the descriptions of these days. Know that YOU were one of those many millions who stepped up and voted. The only real way to see who the PEOPLE of this country want to lead us is to have us ALL vote. Not just the rich or the educated or the politically savy---EVERYONE.

So, regardless of your candidate, regardless of your preferences--make yourself known. Make your voice heard. Voting is your right and your duty as an American citizen. Go out and do it!

Google "{your state} voting guide" to learn more about the candidates and initiatives and measures you will be voting for. Know what you are choosing--an uneducated vote is not a true reflection of who you are and what you believe in.


Mama-Beans said...

Ballot was mailed last Monday! I can't WAIT for this to be over so we as a nation can take the next step in our recovery, whatever that may be, rather then spending SO MUCH time and energy arguing amongst ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Alyca for president,
You would be very pretty on SNL.
and you tell the truth.
love Gramie

Mama-Beans said...

OK lady, go out side to your front porch and hang a flag! Now is the time to show your pride! Can you believe that landslide!?