Friday, August 28, 2009

For those of you who are following along....

A few links to make things easier.

Here is a blog by Wasabi (Mom's club in Portland). They are blogging some of the races. Mom is not involved, but they do talk about the boats swamping the first day and how some of the races are going. Mom is on (I believe) the Grandmasters women (over age 50), and maybe the grandmasters mixed team. Pretty sure about the GM women, since we saw the picture of her in the medal lineup, and the Senior women did not get a medal.

Here is a link to a website where a photographer is taking pictures of the races.

He updates it daily (so far), and there are LOTS of pictures to look through. I have looked through them ALL so far, and there is just the one with Mom in it. I will let you know if I find more......To look through the pictures, just click on one to make it bigger. Once it is up, click on the top right of the picture ( on the > symbol) to go to the next picture

Here is the link to race results--they are posted live within a few minutes of the race completing.

The top of the page has some navy blue buttons to get results for day 1, day 2, etc.

Are we all caught up??? Keep sending good luck vibes to Mom--there are a lot more medals out there to win, and I know she is using her medals to make a curtain for her window. She needs a couple more to finish it!!


Anonymous said...

I think she is on the grand dragons master womens team and won a silver in 2000 meter and a bronze in the 200m.
Next race is 500m on Sunday.
Love Gramie

Anonymous said...

another bronze medal in the 500 ***
CONGRATS ,RAces over, now on to adventure'
Love Gramie