Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A year in review

My New Year's resolution for this year is (among other things) to do a better job keeping my blog updated. In this spirit, I am going to recap 2009 as it was for the Amersons. No pictures, because my camera is still (hopefully) temporarily out of commission, but you can certainly search back through my blog and see if I documented any of this stuff...


Went to Disneyland with the Fieros and had a *fabulous* time, other than the hip issues on the roll-away cot, which I finally minimized by sleeping atop three pillows running lengthwise down the bed. I will definitely weasel my way into the next Disney trip taken by any of my neices/nephew. We also refinanced our mortgage (again....) into a 14-year mortgage with an amazing interest rate. This is our last refinance, because we will never be able to beat this deal. Ethan was on crutches all this month (from his right knee surgery in December 2008)


Got into finances and figuring out the future and eventual retirement for the Amersons. Started watching a lot of Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey and MSNBC and CNBC. I think we are a whole lot more savvy now. Ethan was also able to hire Brian, the boyfriend of one of Ethan's best friends, as a temporary worker in the lockshop at Harborview. All in all, Brian's 3-month job turned into almost exactly 1 year of work. Ethan came off his crutches this month, and started walking again on his super repaired knee. We love Dr. Wahl!!


I taught Mom how to make a blog post, in anticipation of her going to Michigan to get a guide dog, since she wanted to blog about it. Lots of vacation planning, as well.


Went to Mazatlan in the beginning of the month, with Justin and Kim. Stayed in a 2 bedroom condo on the beach and had a fabulous time. I switched back to being 100% UDF nurse at work, and stopped working as a floor nurse. Went to Las Vegas at the very end of the month, with Sabrina and Matt. LOVED the Beattles show, Love, and enjoyed the warm weather and hanging out with the Merritts.


I have no recollection of anything that happened this month. Probably not a whole lot. Debt repayment from the vacations, I am sure. Planning for a possible Australia trip for fall 2009 (which we did not end up taking). Watched Star Trek in the theater.


Celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary at Salty's on Alki. WONDERFUL dinner! Had a corner table by the window overlooking the water with a city view. Ethan's birthday was celebrated very low-key--I made him a photo collage of picturs of us on vacation from our years together, and put it on the wall by his desk at work. Watched Star Trek in the theater. Had a minor feud with the neighbor (renter) across the street who kept unscrewing the light bulbs in our porch and garage lights. Seattle nearly set a record with 29 straight days without rainfall. Start of a gorgeous, warm summer!


Had a ridiculous hot streak with over 100 degree days. Bathed the cats frequently. Took cold showers every day after work. Did LOTS of planning and researching for Mom's Europe trip. Watched several paddling regattas. Tried not to melt in all the heat. Watched Star Trek in the theater.


Continued to melt in the heat. Nearly divorced when our carbon monoxie sensor beeped for 36 hours, and we thought it was a smoke detector beeping. Even had Ethan up in the attic trying to figure things out... Hosted mom and a friend overnight, then drove them to the airport to start their European trip and IDBF World Championships of Paddling. Went camping and hiking up at Mt Baker with friends to end the month, and swore I broke a rib after falling off a log. My chest hurt for nearly 2 months....Seahawks preseason games


Booked tickets to go to Europe in April/May 2010. Hosted the Fieros for a long weekend, then off to Sequim for a BBQ/illicit bonfire with the Cooper side of the family. More Seahawks games. I think they were still winning a few, at this point...


Another quiet birthday celebration (mine, this time); LOTS more vacation planning (Europe)


Went to the scrapbook convention in Bellevue for two full days--had a blast, other than the fact that I also had a cold... Went to Puerto Vallarta for 5 days in the most unplanned-ahead trip the Amersons have ever taken. Had a blast, and flew home first-class.


Went to Long Beach, Washington with my siblings and Mom for our annual December/Christmas get-together. Got a snuggie as my White Elephant gift. Was not enthused....but now watch my cats fight over it every day (It is leopard print, and they refuse to share it). Went to Hood River with the Fieros and Merritts and Mom for the Polar Express train that turned out to be fairly lame....although the get-together itself was nice. Shadow peed on my camera 12/24...it was resurrected 12/27 (I think...) Went to a lovely Christmas eve party at Justin and Kim's house, and were very merry. Saw Avatar Christmas day.....then booked tickets to see it again in IMAX 3D on New Year's Eve. Finally gave up on the Seahawks' 2009 season, but plan to enjoy their last home game 1/3.

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