Monday, May 23, 2011

Capturing True Emotion Photograpy seminar and safari

On Saturday (rapture day), I used my very first ever Groupon purchase and attended a photography class. I have never taken a photography class before, so I was pretty excited to learn more about how to use my camera. Most of what we covered were things I had already figured out on my own, but learning how to put all of the elements together and take a correctly exposed picture was awesome.

We covered things like choosing your ISO, differences between aperature settings, and shutter speed settings. I also learned how to use the settings within my camera as a light meter for better picture taking settings first time out (rather than my current trial and error style). And, I learned that my camera has the ability to adjust up or down my flash. Which I did not know before. Which is awesome. And got tips on how to take fabulous pictures on a sunny day using a teeny bit of flash to fill in the shadows on someone's face.

Prepare yourself to be amazed at my photographic awesomeness. Here are a couple of pics from the safari portion of our class. Just working on getting the exposure correct, and playing with a short depth of field.

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awsome,ILY gramie