Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Inspired by Sabrina

Okay, I got to thinking about Sabrina's list, and I decided to do one of my own....I want to have 100, but I only can think of 50 so far......

1. go to New Zealand
2.visit Athens and Rome
3. go Scuba diving
4. ride in a hot-air balloon
5. become a good IV-putter-inner
6. take pictures that people want to pay for
7. become a charge nurse
8. give Ethan a gift that is so perfect, it makes him speechless
9. have babies (only 2)
10. watch the Seahawks win the Superbowl
11. buy a house with a big yard and plenty of space
12. cook dinner * every * night, and take leftovers to work for lunch
13. buy a teeny tiny SUV for more car room
14. keep a clean house
15. take more diversity classes at UW
16. catch something BIG at work, and help save a limb or life
17. have a photography studio set up in my garage
18. get another kitty for Shadow and Boo to play with
19. go to Hawaii
20. teach my kids to accept people for who they are
21. learn to sew clothes for my kids
22. finish my quilt!!!
23. get back a body I can be proud of
24. watch every episode of Little House on the Prairie
25. scrapbook *all * of my old pictures
26. Watch the Sonics win the NBA championship
27. take a Caribbean cruise
28. take some geography classes
29. win a photo contest
30. visit the Smithsonian with mom
31. learn to like seafood, at least SOME of it!!
32. figure out how to not be scared of people
33. inspire someone to be a nurse
34. make up a recipe so good, people pester me for it
35. raise polite, respectful kids
36. go back to Alaska to see more glaciers and icebergs
37. go on an overnight hike on Mt. Rainier
38. be a wonderful wife
39. go parasailing
40. take some history classes
41. get my annual holiday language wall made into a permanent ‘welcome’ display
42. watch all the Star Wars movies back to back
43. take a vacation somewhere warm with the entire family
44. hike all the trails in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness
45. get professionally fitted for a bra (hey—Oprah says to!)
46. buy a boat
47. go camping on Orcas Island
48. stop at an accident scene and help someone
49. be part of another study that saves lives
50. learn how to pick a lock


Mama-Beans said...

No copyright on my Blog! Feel free to Blog-Lift anything that strikes your fancy! I'm sure it won't be long before you start scratching some of those things off.. several of them I think are already acomplished... You know that my comments no longer show up here, right?

jc_people said...

Hey, sorry I haven't commented in a while, school, ya know. Like your list. Cross off #33, though. All that great info you gave me made me decide to change my major so I can end up at OHSU. Oh and by the way, #48 isn't as neat as you'd think, #35 will only happen if they're robots, you'd better do #23 before you have kids, otherwise you're out of luck, and same with #14. Kids pretty much shove that out the door too. Oh, and what do you know about microbiology?