Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cheer us on as we embark on an adventure!!

Ethan and I have made a New Years resolution of sorts. This is big. We will be boldly going where no Amerson has gone before.....

We have decided to watch every single episode of Star Trek, in order, for all the series. I have in my DVD player at this very moment disc one of season one of Star Trek, the Original Series. We will watch ALL of these, then go to season two, etc, then Star Trek: The Next Generation, then Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, then Star Trek: Voyager, and finally onto Star Trek: Enterprise.

It will likely take us more than a year to do, since we have not decided to dedicate our entire lives to watching these, and we will actually get out of the house on occasion, but this is the goal. When we are all done, we will return to Vegas so we can go through the Star Trek museum at the Star Trek Experience and actually READ the massive 300 foot long timeline that tells the entire Star Trek history, and actually KNOW what they are talking about!! Won't this be fun??


Mama-Beans said...

You're a dork.

Actually seems like a rather obtainable and fun goal! so, no going back to Vegas till this is done???

Davinie said...

Well, you will boldly go where no Fiero will ever go, so good luck to you.