Monday, January 08, 2007

Gettin out of Dodge....


As you may know, Ethan and I have been planning to use our time share to exchange for a time share in Hawaii this spring. I called the timeshare people and there are NO units available to exchange for. None. Not a crappy one, not at a later date, none. They get snatched up as soon as they are made available. So, we are going to put ourselves on a waiting list for the three resorts we liked, and just wait for the phone call that tells us a unit has come up. Maybe next year?? They say it can be quite a wait--apparently Hawaii is the most popular and difficult place to get into.

So, no timeshare. But do not fret--we are still going SOMEWHERE!! We had some discussions, and our options basically were A-use the timeshare exchange to go somewhere else; B-go on a caribbean cruise and use our airline miles for the flight (caribbean cruises are CHEAP); C-find an all-inclusive resort somewhere and use our airline miles for the flight.

We are going with option C (I think). I LOVE playing travel agent, so I spent many hours looking and searching and planning and thinking.....the frontrunner right now is in the Dominican Republic. When we went to Puerto Vallarta in '05, we stayed at the Riu Jalisco. They had an amazing deal, so I went back to their website and looked this time around. Their three resorts in Puerto Plata are all on massive sale, so we are thinking of doing that. I am still searching out other all-inclusives, but this would be awesome already. many of you may know, the Seahawks won in an improbably victory Saturday afternoon over the Dallas Cowboys. Amazing, incredible, so very fortunate.......look for them to do it again this Sunday at 10am vs the Chicago Bears. Wear blue!!!

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