Friday, February 23, 2007

Long time no post....I really will try to do better

I did go out and purchase the Sealy Posturpedic Millenium pillow (check it out online!) after saving my 'allowance' for 2 weeks. So nice!! It is especially comfortable when lying on your back. I did have a terrible night's sleep last night, but I am pretty sure it was not the pillow's fault. Let's just say I have some stress in my life (and if I don't mention what it is, be aware that I am not mentioning it on purpose, and probably don't want to talk about don't ask).
I do love that pillow! Tonight will be my second night with it, and I get to sleep in tomorrow, so I will see what happens.....
I am bringing home 140 lovely lumpia rolls that I purchased from Felma, one of the nurses I work with. It is a traditional Filipino food that she is WONDERFUL at making, so I am bringing them all home with me. They are like tiny eggrolls, but with a different filling. Mostly ground pork with some egg and spices. Delicious!!

I am planning to save most of them in the freezer and serve them at our housewarming +1 party once our furniture arrives. It should be here sometime in March, unless we are truly unlucky and it comes the first week of April, which was the worst case scenario.

Ethan may have job news soon, which I will elaborate on once I have actual news. Could be very very good......

I am enjoying my 10 hour shifts with my extra day off. I am getting motivated to work on that quilt I started a couple years ago and forgot about. (see my digicraft blog for pics and info from 2005). Our bed is so big, our blankets don't even cover the top of it!!

That is pretty much it for me. My life is not exciting in an I-want-to-post-about-it sort of way.

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Mama-Beans said...

Man, those look yummy.. and NICE on the pillow purchase!!! Hope it "kicks in" soon and you get some good rest!