Saturday, February 10, 2007

We went furniture shopping today, since our house is sadly empty....and we found some great deals! We bought a lovely pillow top mattress that is being delivered tomorrow (VERY exciting!!), a set of end tables and a lift-up coffee table that match, along with a sofa table that we are not sure where we will put...but at least it matches. And, we bought a dining room table with 4 chairs and a neat bench. It is called a butterfly table because the extending leaf it has folds in sorta like butterfly wings when you want the table to be smaller. A pretty neat feature, I thought.
We get the mattress tomorrow, but it will be as many as 6-8 weeks before the others arrive. Can we say housewarming party??? A year late, but at least we will have furniture!!


Mama-Beans said...

Pleas God tell me that Ethan allowed you to paint and that is an ACTUAL REPRESENTATION of what your dining area will look like??!! That table is FABULIOUS!

alyca said...

No painting......the dining room walls are connected with the living room walls, and there is no way to really paint it without it all being painted. He is quite set on white. I may be able to talk him into painting the one back wall with the window, but I am not even approaching that yet.

We are doing a big sorta photo collage on the vaulted wall. We are getting picture frames that all match from Ikea--they are black with white matts, although I have reserved the right to change the matts. We are getting ones that are long and skinng and fit 3 4x6's, some that fit 5 4x6's and some that fit just one 4x6 or 1 5x7, etc, and we will arrange them all over that wall. The black of the frames goes with the black parts of the table to sorta make it tie together, and the wood of the table matches the wood of the coffee table and end tables we bought, so everything should look nice (once it finally gets here)

grandmabon said...

It will be like a "new " home!
I love the dinning room set you picked out!
Have an open house!
I'd love to come!