Monday, July 09, 2007

Ethan just had his first yearly review since the boss 'left', and it was great! He was marked as 'exceeds expectations' in every category, and they wrote a comment that said he has transformed the lockshop from an 'ok' shop to a very good one. In only 2 months as lead!
Good job, Ethan!!

AND.....speaking of transforming......we went to the Transformers movie on Sunday. It truly was more than meets the eye....

Funny how that movie turns every 30 year old man into a 10 year old little boy. Complete with the 'transforming' sounds and transforming moves. Big cheesy grin throughout the movie, especially when they said lines or played sounds from the original TV show.

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Congratulations ,
I am so proud of you ,( bonnie Just showed me how to answer a comment.