Thursday, November 08, 2007

Does Alyca have big boobs??

Here is a question that has come up today. I have always thought of myself of having sort of average size boobs. I make sure to wear nice, 'cleavage' sort of bras with good support which I suppose makes them look a bit bigger than they are. But I still see so many bigger boobs I think I am average. At work, I am told that I am a big boobed person. Am I?? Yes, compared to some family members (Poor Aunt Bobbi Jo....), I am larger, but I still think I am average.

Am I??


Mama-Beans said...

Yes. You have big boobs. But they are lovely big boobs so I would continue to honor them as they will be flappy pancakes if you ever have babies! Love those big, "inflated" things while you can!!

Davinie said...

Yes. I am shorter than you and you always have them in my face when I see you.

And. We must stop the "Poor Aunt Bobby Jo" thing now. Knowing her former Mother-in-law had small boobs and could then pass on these genes to her son's children, three of which who were girls, our Mother should never have started that joke, because she should have assumed it was possible that her three daughters could have also inherited said small boobdom and get a complex.
As the one of the three who did inherit said mammaries... I have ZERO complex about them until I think about people possibly making fun of that inheritance, something which cannot be changed without a financial investment that will never be allocated.

Mama-Beans said...

Davinie. I have seen your boobs. They are perfectly nice just as they are and there is MUCH more boobage there then Bobbie Jo had. Not that it matters, I agree with you.

And I saw Bobbie Jo a couple of years ago. No more jokes can be made, she invested heavily in a brand new HUGE perky chest.

alyca said...

No, there is no problem with smaller boobs--you know you will always be perky and never saggy, whereas larger boobs are destined for Mom's cinnamon roll boobs..

I have just never considered myself to have particularly large boobs, just average. It was a surprise to me that I am considered by some to be a 'large breasted' woman.

Davinie said...

Yes. You have large boobage.

I now have two beautiful daughters. Each received one of my small mammaries.... leaving me with a nipple. At least I got that. Hahaha

I remember making fun of ABJ while camping with her somewhere... and I remember her wearing a bikini and a very ruffly top. I am sure it was an insecurity that led to the investment, which saddens me, because they cause a health risk and I could go purchase two bouncy balls from the Dollar Store and stuff them in my shirt for the same effect.... both being fake boobage.

I have already satisfied myself with the knowledge that they shall never dangle too far south. My only fear at this time is that they will somehow retreat through my ribcage and come out my back somewhere. Perhaps this has already occurred, hence the booty. If this is the case, we all have large boobage.

Anonymous said...


I love you guys!

This is hilarious!

I am enjoying it!!

Boobs and all!



Anonymous said...


Poor Aunt Bobbi Jo....