Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Seeing how I was vacationing on an island that was hit by a tropical storm that killed over 150 people, it is nice to see that my friends and family are so concerned for my welfare.

Ethan and I had messages all on our phones and email from concerned coworkers who were convinced that we had been killed. It was kinda funny--we had to call in to work and notify the engineering department that Ethan wasn't dead.

Tropical storm Noel was not particularly big or violent, it just decided that it liked Hispaniola and sat there for 7 days swirling. Imagine sitting beneath a giant toilet that is flushing for a solid week! We were on the north part of the island so we just got a ton of rain, minor flooding and some wind. The southern part of the island was hard hit and had massive flooding and mudslides and damage and destruction. The worst thing that happened for us was that our snorkelling trip was cancelled and we never got to go. Other than that, it was a good trip.

THe one tour we were able to do despite the rain was the city tour--we got to go to the Brugal rum factory and watch the bottling process. Pretty cool! It is the third largest rum factory in the world, and a cool experience. We also went to the Amber museum where they have the chunk of amber from Jurassic Park with a mosquito trapped in it (you know, the amber on the staff of the kooky guy who made the park??). Pretty neat. We learned a bit about the history of the DR and Puerto Plata, toured around town a bit, had a nice lunch and headed back to our hotel.

Most of our time was spent in and around the pool nearest our room--the one with a swim up bar. If you are in a pool, does it matter when it is raining?? The rain wasn't all nonstop, and often was pretty light so we toughed it out. After all, we ARE from Seattle.......


Mama-Beans said...

Sheesh! I tend to think of "Vacation tragedy" as airplane related... So glad you "weathered" the storm and only suffered the loss of your snorkle time!!

Perhaps an official itinerary keeper in the family so we can know how to check up on your life status? You being a world traveler, we need a way to track you down!

alyca said...

I talked to mom Sunday after we got back....and I am pretty sure I put up details of this trip a few months back on my blog. I was not missing, just vacationing.

Davinie said...

I looked around your blog and didn't find anything specific. I knew you had rain and storms and flooding, and then Mom started to worry.... but I thought i remembered you saying you'd be gone for a bit, so decided not to worry until we reached the two week mark.
Glad your vacation was..... hydrating!

Davinie said...

I wanted to pop back in here and giggle at your last little bit.... you always used to try and tell me it didn't rain all the time in Seattle.... nice to see you finally fess up about the weather. hee hee

Anonymous said...

boobs just right,anymore and you'd get a backache. bad back'd Gramie.