Monday, April 07, 2008

All done

A teensy bit of venting, and all will be better.

I am DONE. No more medical issues. None at all. Between the two of us, Ethan and I have or have had 7 different diagnoses (if you count his knees separately, which I do). The most recent of which had us in the ER. No more.

January first, neither of us carried any medical diagnosis. We were young and healty. Now, we are falling apart. Like those cars that work fine until you hit 50,001 miles and the warranty expires and the next thing you know the engine falls off. We hit thirty and our bodies lost their everloving minds and started to self destruct.

Yes, we are fine. No, we don't need to go into specifics about what is going on. Just irritating and expensive and a little scary at times. And new to us. And irritating.


All future medical problems should refer themselves elsewhere, as we are no longer accepting new issues.

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