Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Too good to be true

I was excited to hear that we may be related somehow to Sacagawea. has a feature to see if you are related to anyone famous, and we never come up with any famous relatives. So sad. So I started searching. Starting with Sacagawea herself. Turns out she had two kids--a girl who died as a child, and a son, Jean Baptiste. Her son lived into his 60's and had a pretty cool life, travelling the world, but never married, never had any kids. Did lots of expeditions and exploring instead. So, as it turns out we are NOT related. But I got to play on the internet, so all is well.

I had fun looking all of this up. SOme info is on the website, and some from other areas across the web. I found to be helpful, since Sacagawea is famous and they have a listing for both her and her son.

Come on, people--give me some info to go look up!!

I remember hearing something about being related to someone who helped make the Liberty Bell, on Papa's side of the family (I think). Anyone with any more info about that??

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