Friday, June 19, 2009

Alas, the record was tied but not broken

Twenty nine straight days without measurable rainfall. Only 11 minutes before midnight last night, it started to rain. Just short of the record!!

The longest Seatte stretch ever was 55 days, but 29 days is the longest not in July or August. I have to say........I kinda like the rain. Not every day, mind you...but it smells so nice when it has been dry and warm and it starts to rain in a summer evening!

Today is a very special day. My special someone turns twenty-thirteen today. We are celebrating by going to a Storm game tonight, and I have made a scrapbook mural that I am going to secretly put up over his desk today while he is in a meeting. It is a lovely scrappy photo collage with pictures of Ethan and I all over the place. We only have pictures of the two of us together on vacation. Almost none at all of us on a regular day or even in the city of Seattle. Anyway. That is his gift. I am sure he will like it. It is just a matter of getting into his locked office with him out....I am hoping one of his coworkers is there during Ethan's meeting to let me in. Worst case....I meet him for lunch as usual and bring it with me. No fun 'surprise' moment, but I know he will appreciate it anyway. His desk is a little boring at the moment. And I stuck with masculine colors/patterns and kept the flowers and bling to a minimum....


Davinie said...

As someone who is already twenty nine and a 4, wish him a happy birthday. I am sure he will love his gift.
Seattle can have it's damn rain back. I'm tired of it in Central Oregon. I don't know how you can live in that stuff.

Mama-Beans said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! I'm sure he'll love the gift, that's a great idea!