Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Loving day!!

On June 12th, 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving won their nine year
legal battle and the Supreme Court granted them the right to be married
in the state of Virginia. This victory also legalized interracial
relationships nationwide, overturning hundreds of years of racist

We've made progress this year. Interracial marriage was illegal in 22
states when Barack Obama's parents got married, and now he's the
President of the United States. The option to identify yourself as
multiracial finally appeared on the U.S. Census in 2000, and now
multiracial people are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S.

However, racism is not dead. There is still racial prejudice in our
daily lives. Loving Day is a great way to fight this prejudice through
education, and to build multicultural community. Join thousands of
others all over the world in celebrating Loving Day.


Mama-Beans said...

At the risk of being a day off...

Happy Anniversary!! And if it is today, how awesome that it's also Loving Day! I'd never heard of Loving day before today, so big thank you for sharing!!

alyca said...

A couple days off....but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless.....(our anniversary is the 14th)

Mama-Beans said...

Well crap. I was sure it wasn't the 13th ( odd number) Oh well! Hope you guys have fun on Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

A big Happy anniversary.I remember Your beautiful Wedding on flag day, and Grandjack wearing his special flag tie. He was proud of you both.My blessings to you both and may your marriage last longer than ours. (58 years and 10
Love Gramie

Mama-Beans said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY~~ I had forgotten it was on Flag Day Grammie, what a great way to remember the event! Grandjacks tie!!