Friday, January 08, 2010


Anyone else have sleeping issues?? I sure do. I have had a hard time FALLING asleep for years now. I am pretty good at now going to bed a little earlier, doing some reading, winding down before trying to sleep, etc. I do OK, and it is totally manageable. But now...for the last week or so, I fall asleep OK.....but I half wake up like 10 times each night. Very sucky. I wake up enough to realize that I am waking up, then roll over and try to get back to sleep. Not cool at all. Usually, once I am asleep......I am ASLEEP. Dead to the world until that alarm goes off at 0429. I have tried going to bed earlier the last couple nights (seriously--at 8:15pm), but that is not working out so well. I am getting irritable at work. I am sure that is well appreciated.

Anyway....any suggestions out there?? I am not willing to take meds, because I would have to take them at like 6pm or else they won't wear off in time for me to get up and not be fuzzy..


Mama-Beans said...

Try a melatonin supplement for a week or so, train your body to process smoothly through some REM sleep patterns.... sorry! Also, be sure to assist your body by keeping all the lights low at night, put yourself in darker rooms to do whatever you're working on to help manage your natural rythms. Bright lights at night = bad idea. Having issues over here myself, but since mine is drug related I go ahead and medicate for it. Tylenol PM ROCKS! Take a half hour before bed, pass out, wake up 6 hours later totally rested. I know it's just a short term fix but I'll take what I can get!

Anonymous said...

Try 3 Brazil nuts per day,contains selenium and I think it helps me.
Love Gramie ( Uncle Greg advised me to try it, it works with the melatonin)

arlee bird said...

I wish I could stay awake longer and not sleep as much. I wake up several times during the night, but normally go right back to sleep. I find that a really boring book, especially non-fiction puts me to sleep very quickly.