Monday, July 12, 2010

My scraproom

Spice rack re-purposed into an embellishment holder

My solid and pattterned papers, divided by color (solids/cardstock) and manufacturer (patterned)

My fishing tackle box repurposed into an embellishment holder. Each tray comes out, and has around 25 little compartments for things like buttons or prima flowers or brads/eyelets.

My newest addition--4 long trays of tip-out embellishment holders. Bought at an estate sale in Portland with Mom for a total of $6. Absolutely awesome and PERFECT for little things. The clear trays each can be easily removed for better access to the teeny things inside.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love all the work you are doing.
Your ideas of hiding your own personal coments and hiding them is another clever idea.
I also love your cool colectioms of coontainers for your scrap booking room.
Especially those neat looking containers we got at the estate sales...Perfect for that!
keep up the good work ..
enjoy what you do!