Monday, July 12, 2010

Recent scrappiness

I have started the long, never-ending journey of creating a scrapbook of our Europe trip. Taking it nice and sloooooow and enjoying all the memories of the things we did. Hoping to go back next April to Brussels, Belgium, then Amsterdam, then London. Or vice-versa. Brussels only because it is easy to find frequent flier flights into there. London because Ethan thought it was awesome and wants to experience it with me. Amsterdam, because Amsterdam is awesome and we want to try the craziness of Queen's Day again, and get a chance to check out the many museums and sights that we missed the first time around. Love that combination of 'anything goes' and the laid back, quiet atmosphere of the canals.

Bad Salzig, where we inadvertantly exited our train and spent an hour of our first full day in Germany

Two page layout of our Rhine river cruise

Page 1

Page 2

Our hotel in Germany.

I am not a big fan of seeing a lot of writing/journalling, so I generally type my thoughts up and hide them behind pictures on the pages--the hotel page has our bill and postcards and my journalling tucked behind the darker green patterned paper that the pictures are arranged on; the ribbon on page 2 of our Rhine cruise pages pulls out to show my journalling on a card there; and the large picture on the Bad Salzig page has journalling on the card tied with green ribbons you can see on the left side.

I have finally decided that my scrapbook style is more of a collage of randomly sized pictures arranged together, occasionally overlapping. Evenly spaced apart. Not actually randomly sized--my printer does up to 5x7 pics, so I can do 5x7, 4x6, or half pics (3x4 or 3.5x5), or quarter pics (2x3 or 2.5x3.5), so that is what I choose from. Works for me.

I have some more layouts done of our Marksburg castle tour and the town of Bacharach, but no pics just yet.

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