Thursday, September 21, 2006

It is Officially Tentative

'he's leaving...on a jet plane......'

Ethan is off to Europe. They are hoping to leave October 6 and return October 20, for a full two week expedition (yes, he will miss my birthday......but what an awesome opportunity for him!! Well worth the miss!). They are trying to get in contact with some guys Tobias met at the Tour de France a couple years ago, who live in Scotland. If they get ahold of them, they will fly into Scotland and stay there a couple days to start. If that doesn't work, they will fly into London and start there. They want to leave from Rome at the end, so there will be some good travelling going on!
Yes, I am jealous. But, mostly I will miss Ethan. Two whole weeks! That's a really long time! I am inviting Mom up for an extended weekend, if she can make it, but at least I have the car and can get out and not be stuck in the house.

So........Good luck to Ethan!! This will totally be the trip of a lifetime (until he takes a trip with ME somewhere even more awesome---his lifetime trip MUST be with ME. It is a rule. I guess this means we will make it to Greece someday, afterall!!)


Davinie said...

Hmm. For a guy who can never get time off to hang out for a trip of a lifetime with his wife's family for very long..... two weeks sure sounds like a long time!

Jealous. Would love to go to Europe, and there's no way in heck I'd let Steve go without me.


Mama-Beans said...

OK.. what days do you work? Perhaps the kiddies and I will come up and keep you company for a few days? Maybe we bring Mom or something?