Thursday, September 21, 2006

Alrighty then...

After a couple hours of franticness and an unbelievable amount of stress on my part (I am the Boo Kitty....), I have booked the tickets. Ethan and Tobias will leave the morning of the 6th, and return the 19th (Tobias is also the Boo Kitty, and insisted on coming home a day earlier). They fly into London/Heathrow, arriving at the crack of dawn (well, crack of dawn London time......late evening here in Seattle). Then they will mosey their way through England, over to Amsterdam for a bit, jaunt down to gay Parieee (Paris), then wine their way through Italy, ending up in Rome, where they will fly out on the 19th. Should be an awesome time!!!

I did the booking mostly because I wanted to, and Ethan is working and Tobias is.....well, I am not sure exactly why HE was okay with me doing the booking, but he was. My attempt to butt in and live vicariously throu them.

I am still jealous. SOOOO jealous. But, I love Ethan more than anything, and this is a trip of a lifetime for him, and how could I possibly begrudge his good fortune of going on this trip by being bitter if I love him so much?? So I am cool with it. I am trying to get the 20th off from work so I can pick them up at the airport (at 930pm) and stay up to hear all the stories of their travels.

As far as people coming up to see me, the more the merrier!! Mi casa es Su casa. I am working 6am to 230pm Monday through Friday, but if anyone wants to hang out and get hissed at by my cats while I work in the mornings, you are more than welcome! We could hang out in the afternoons and have a nice visit.

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