Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unless I hear a loud chorus of dissent, this is where we are staying for Christmas this year, Tuesday December5 through Saturday December 9. It will be $275 per couple at most, I am negotiating to have the price dropped a bit because I don't thinkg Kael and Payton, at the very least, should count as people (sorry guys, but they don't. THey aren't even KIDS yet. Seriously, they won't even be awake most of the time).

Sound okay?


Mama-Beans said...

yes yes yes yes

Davinie said...

Um yah. No way would I pay extra for Payton. She will be up most of the time (sorry all) but as I bring her food and beverage, and her bed for that matter, I ain't paying extra.

This sounds fine to me. I'll make sure dates are okay and check with Steve on any unforseen problems, but it should be great. Nice work.

Mama-Beans said...

Yah, I wouldn't think Payton and Kael are the kind of "kids" they charge for... and Raegan and Morgan would barely count, if at all... have they gotten back to you about them yet?